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Mark It – Chris Cillizza Has Finally Discovered There Is a Border Crisis

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News Avoidance Syndrome – CNN

Over at CNN, their sharp-as-a-rolling-pin pundit Chris Cillizza has spotted a new campaign issue that could stealthily creep up on Democrats this November. It turns out – get ready – there might be a challenge down at our southern border. 

I know! I am just as shocked as you are to learn of this problem…which is to say, I harbor zero shock at this announcement. Not to randomly imply that I have an edge on such an issue over an esteemed CNN political expert, I'll instead show that this has been a rather keen problem for some time – by the fact I had covered this over one year ago. Anyway, we welcome Chris to our party of concern on the border crisis. 

Low Octane Gas Lighting – WASHINGTON POST

  • When you have to issue a statement, you have already lost the debate.

The fallout from the Taylor Lorenz hit piece on a private citizen continues as the Washington Post is bathing in the glory of taking on the recidivist dysfunction of this digital reporter. As Katie Pavlich detailed this morning, the paper's management was compelled to put out a statement of support for Lorenz and her article. That it was loaded with prevarications is now obvious, but the larger issue is that they could not even grasp that the need for a statement is itself proof you have failed. 

Here is the best way to look over the results of this article disaster: There was enough public backlash that the executives had to put out this shield of a statement, and the bulk of the praise for the article was found in the press. Other news outlets are the ones in support of targeting private citizens who deviate from the approved narrative. 

Anti-Social Media – WASHINGTON POST

  • The craven results of a media hit piece become even worse.

A day after Taylor Lorenz went after a private citizen, we can get a sense of the wrath she wanted to have descend on the woman behind Libs of Tik Tok. There is another woman with the same name, and she and her family have been on the receiving end of death threats as a result of the article. Lorenz, for her part, offers up a tepid and way-too-late correction. 

If this is the level of hatred this innocent bystander is receiving, just imagine what is being experienced right now by the actual target of the Lorenz doxxing hit piece. There we see all the reason that this type of craven reporting needs to be called out.

Blue-Anon – POLITICO

  • When you are the last to see the horrors, maybe the problem is not them?

As the masking mandates are being rolled back steadily and the Covid cases are remaining low and flat, there are many in the press who just cannot let go of the viral hysterics associated with the pandemic. As the general public is showing disdain for any more oppressive governmental mandates, the media wants them to remain in place.

At Politico, they have made no hesitation in expressing the distemper at the thought that people may be free to once again lead a normal existence.

- "Welcome to the end-of-community-responsibility era of the pandemic. The cases-don't-matter stage of the pandemic. The we-have-the-tools-to-protect-ourselves span of the pandemic. It's a concerning shift — especially for vulnerable groups like the immunocompromised or lower income individuals who don't have access to 'tools,' like antiviral Paxlovid or monoclonal antibodies, politicians keep referring to." 

One is safe to assume this fearful rant was written while safely ensconced in a closet. Or possibly while under the bed. 

Pulitzer Prize Nomination – THE RINGER

  • If you suspected that the Wordle craze was dying, this might kill it off.

There is no shortage of bad news surrounding Vice President Kamala Harris these days. So…maybe somebody should tip off the staff at The Ringer…? Granted, they are not exactly recognized as a hard-hitting news outlet, but this still comes off sounding like less than a trifle of a report. 

Body Checking the Fact Checkers – SNOPES

One favorite exercise here is to show the type of content the fact-checkers enjoy occupying themselves with rather than focus on important issues from, say – the Biden administration. There are regular reports that these verifiers of valued facts who work for the likes of Facebook are overburdened with a deluge of assignments.

Well, maybe they could lighten the workload by not focusing on issues found on random accounts, such as false claims on whether or not Snickers has altered its candy bar appearance so that it does not resemble an engorged penis. 


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