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Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo Drive People Away from Vaccinations

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Anti-Social Media – CNN

  • Well, insults have not worked to this point, let's try hostility…

One of the amazing things to behold in 2021 is the behavior by so many in the press regarding vaccine hesitancy. They lay claim to intense anxiety over those resisting getting the Covid vaccine and stress how vital it is to ensure public safety, but then they engage in behavior that only drives away those who they claim to want to convince. It is an effort that requires winning over hearts and minds, but using scorn and ridicule provokes the opposite reaction.

Typifying this very practice last night was the tandem of Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo. During their tradeoff segment last night, the Brothers Smug resorted to derision and insults when it came to a discussion of the unvaccinated in the country. Continue the great work, you wizards. I'm sure if you keep tapping on the shell, the crab will come out for you. 

Body Checking The Fact Checkers – TWITTER

  • Rising to AOC's defense when noting the Empress' New Clothes

This week has been filled with head-shaking and eye-rolling after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez debuted her "Tax the Rich" dress at the mega-wealthy invite-only gala known as The Met. Dave Portnoy, CEO of Barstool Sports, weighed in with his opinion on the matter, and it was a pithy and scathing takedown of her hypocrisy.

Now take note, what he lent here was basically all his opinion. Yet, the Twitter masters decided to fact-check Portnoy's post, adding a warning that he could be misleading folks on her hypocrisy.

Pathological Media Amnesia – OCCUPY DEMOCRATS

  • It's so hard to keep following Dear Leader Biden when he keeps changing his mind.

No one really expects the group Occupy Democrats to have strong core foundational values. It is fun, however, to see them blatantly contradict themselves and even funnier to see it happen within a matter of weeks.

Recently, they were in full support of President Biden wanting to extend the eviction moratorium.

This is a pretty understandable position for this outfit – full-throated support of Biden, feigned social support of the downtrodden, and demonizing those vile landlords. It's all in place...until Biden demonizes anyone not getting vaccinated. Then, just that quick, those reckless bastards need to be kicked to the curb by those heroic landlords.

Blue-Anon – MSNBC

  • Nothing major, just a primetime news pundit accusing a governor of calculated murder of school children.

To say that MSNBC's Joy Reid has been gradually unraveling before the cameras this year is to only state the blatantly obvious. Now, add to her mental dysphoria a helping of DeSantis Derangement, and you actually can see the springs and screws flying on camera.

She begins with the claim, "These governors love Covid. They heart Covid. This is how they feel about Covid. They want to spread it." Then she goes completely over the cliff of rationality. Bonus points for her two guests nodding obediently as she turns crazy cat lady.

News Avoidance Syndrome – WASHINGTON POST

The latest development on the White House Covid front is that Joe Biden has announced the administration is taking over the distribution of the touted monoclonal antibodies treatment. This will prevent states and hospitals from being able to directly acquire the successful treatment. The move is done to create what is declared a more equitable distribution model, as the southern states most affected have presumably been using too much of the stuff in an effort to save lives.

Only lightly addressed in the report: This rationing plan flies in opposition to Biden's own announced plan to INCREASE the supply and provide wider distribution of the treatment. The Post might be excused in not knowing about this plan, as it was announced all the way week ago.


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