Park Service evicts elderly couple from own home

Posted: Oct 09, 2013 12:01 AM

It's gone well beyond silly, stupid, or crazy. Obama's administration of the shutdown is flat mean and vindictive.

You've heard about World War II Veterans being shut out of their own Memorial, tourists locked out of even getting a peak at Mt. Rushmore, priests and chaplains threatened with arrest if they even volunteer to minister to members of the military during the government shutdown - more like "slim down" as the vast majority of government is still open.

Amid all the inexplicable closures, the golf course at Andrews Air Force base is still open. Who plays there?

But, the following story of an elderly couple being forced out of the home they own in Nevada may be as crazy and vindictive as any that we have heard. The following is from the editors at the National Journal:

Consider the case of Ralph and Joyce Spencer, 77 and 80 years of age, respectively, who were evicted from their home on Lake Mead in Nevada by an officious park ranger who told them they had 24 hours to vacate the premises. The Spencers own their home outright, but it sits on land leased from the federal government. A lease is a legal contract, and the government shutdown presents no legitimate reason for the violation of that contract. Even if it did, the place to settle such a dispute is in a court of law — not through the arbitrary exercise of federal police power. This is not a blunder: It is the malicious harassment of private citizens in their own homes by an administration intent on creating hardships and then using them for propaganda purposes. You own your home right up until the moment when that the fact becomes inconvenient to President Obama. Read more

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