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The mainstream media may have outdid even their own gutter level standards in obsessing over Mitt Romney's statement(s) about the still growing crisis in the Middle East rather than the "the fact that you have Islamic flags being hoisted over American Embassies, the fact that an American Ambassador is dead," as exasperated liberal commentator and Obama supporter Kirsten Powers even had to fume about during an interview with Fox's Megyn Kelly (below).  "It is just absolutely, utterly insane," Powers nearly screamed in frustration over the shameless incompetence of her liberal media colleagues.


You know the Obama-sycophants in the liberal media have crossed over the line when even one of their own can no longer defend them. 

Thanks to some of the cable news outlets and the courage of a treasured few leaders, it is possible to find some honest commentary if you're patient enough to sort through the rest of the garbage.

For example, Charles Krauthammer didn't mince words during a Fox interview you can watch by clicking here.

"What we are seeing on the screen (video images of the Cairo Embassy chaos) is the meltdown, collapse of the Obama policy on the Muslim world," Charles Krauthammer said.  "The irony is that it began in Cairo, in the same place where the speech he (Obama) made in the beginning of his presidency in which he said, you wanted a new beginning with mutual respect, implying under the other presidents, particularly Bush, there was a lack of mutual respect. Which was an insult to the United States, which had gone to war six times in the last 20 years on behalf of oppressed Muslims, in Kuwait, in Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere."

"So to imply that we somehow had mistreated Muslims which was the premise of his speech and how the Iraq War had inflamed the Arab world against us. Well there was no storming of the U.S. embassy in Cairo in those days," Krauthammer added.  "What we're seeing now is al-Qaedaistan developing in Libya, meltdown of our relations with Egypt, you have riots in Yemen, attacks on our embassy in Tunisia. This entire premise that we want to be loved and respected, we'll apologize, has now yielded all of these results and these are the fruits of apology and retreat and lack of confidence in our own principles," Krauthammer concluded.


And, there was the brilliance, experience, and candor of Rudy Giuliani on CNBC when asked about the appropriateness of Romney's response:

"If it were me, I would have been way more over the top than he (Romney) was.  I would have been outraged even more.  I think the President of the United States feckless policy in the Middle East is naïve, almost childish support of these movements without any real regard for what is going to come after," the Mayor of New York at the time of the 9/11 attacks.  

"Politics is part of our world.  You get it wrong, people die," said Giuliani.  "My experience with Islamic extremist terrorism which dates back to about 1972...when we become complacent, when we appease, they attack."  

Giuliani went on, "President Obama has decided we can appease.  I don't think it's working.  I think what we see every night on television is a result of President Obama's feckless policy in the Middle East.  His naive idea of politics and not really having a good enough understanding of who these people are; what these people are." 

The overwhelming weight of message from the biased, anti-American, pro-Obama media is outrageous.  I'm continually asked, "Why doesn't the Romney campaign say….." – fill in the blank.  The truth is Romney, Paul Ryan, the campaign staff, surrogates, and however few reasonable commentators can find enough air time to speak out are saying it – the problem is that if you only go looking in the mainstream media's political garden, you'll have to pull up a whole lot of weeds before you come across that one perfect rose.   


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