The Pause That Refreshes

Posted: Oct 14, 2014 12:01 AM

For the past few weeks I took a personal hiatus. For the first time in years I wrote no columns, sent no emails, did no radio broadcasts although it not only seemed strange but also was extremely difficult. Conveying to the world my thoughts on economics, politics and finances these past 30+ years has been as much a part of me as breathing.

However, the hiatus did allow me to step back and view the world without the pressure of a daily deadline and because of that I was able to look at developments with fresh eyes.

I wish I could report that I had seen a change in direction by those at the helm. I had hoped that I could bring you the news with better understanding of what lay on the horizon had been grasped by the powers to be. Alas, I must report, events continue to spiral out of control and my hiatus has confirmed that the politicians, bankers and mainstream media continue to be doing the same thing and expecting different results.

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I listened to the President address the nation on the Ebola crisis. “Comforting” the press said. “Leadership” others echoed. Confusing, I thought. He started by saying as far as the US was concerned there was no danger as it all was under control and contained. Several minutes later he said that we had a team of experts to get it under control. Thank God he didn’t keep speaking or he would have said that we were going to find the experts to get it under control and maybe he would have concluded by saying he hopes we had some experts who knew how to get it under control. But America is safe. Dallas anyone?

The hiatus allowed me to sharpen my listening skills and my deductive reasoning powers.

I watched the events unfold in Hong Kong and to me, without the pressure of a deadline, I analyzed and determined that it was like a movie I had seen before, in fact, several times. In Egypt, Libya, Iran and Ukraine, students took to the streets demanding democracy, change and control. Leaders must be ousted they said and freedom must ring out. Nothing new here in Hong Kong. It had the hint of a 7Eleven on every corner and a CIA man in every shadow.

Apparently I was not alone in my thoughts as The People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party concluded the same thing.

Some things are just obvious to anyone who takes the time to look.

Yes, a hiatus can sometimes be helpful to refresh and gain a new perspective. Sometimes you wish the world would do the same thing.