Time for a Change

Posted: Jun 05, 2014 12:01 AM

The cardinal rule for all politicians of every size, shape and color is to promise one thing and once elected do another.

It occurred to me that we have the election process totally wrong. It is we the voters not the politicians who should dictate the terms of an election. As an example, a consensus list could be made of the major issues that affect the country both internally and externally and the candidates must adhere to that list or A) they don’t get elected or B) if elected they are immediately expelled.

Of course this presents many flaws since most Americans can’t agree on what to have for dinner this evening let alone the major issues of the day if in fact they even know what they are.

However, I am convinced that such things as not financing terrorists with F-16’s, not killing innocent civilians, immediately aiding veterans, eliminating too big to fail banks, stopping inside trading and ceasing the devaluation of our dollar, just to name a few, could garner the support of most Americans the 99%.

Once the main issues are determined then the election could be held. The wanna be Congressmen and Senators could debate such issues as: adding another Holiday, the width of stripes in parking lots and a State flower or bird.

Of course we would give the Senators one 6 year term and the Congressmen one 4 year term, unless of course, they violate the agreement.

On first blush many people will have difficulties with this type of election and governmental process, however, when you start to analyze the deceit, lies and corruption that permeate the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives today and the condition we are in because of it, you start to think maybe this would be a better way.

The best way to visualize this process is remembering the classic animated film Cinderella. The slipper is the list of conditions that we the 99% determine. Many of the 1% will try to wear the shoe but as in the fairy tale if it doesn’t fit it doesn’t fit.

Periodically we will get a Senator or Congressman that slips through the process. He or she will be found out the moment they push the button against our wishes.

Since I used the movie Cinderella as an example of how it all works perhaps we can use another movie as an example of how to expel the fraudulent politicians. Visualize the ejection seat in James Bond’s car.

Somehow I smile seeing Harry, John and Nancy flying through the air the next time they open their mouths or push the button.


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