Obama: Mission Accomplished

Posted: May 09, 2014 12:01 AM
Obama: Mission Accomplished

I just don’t get it! Why can’t we give the poor guy a break? The President’s popularity has totally plummeted in the polls rivaling or even exceeding the worst of President George W. Bush.

Why are all the pundits giving the poor man an “F” for performance?

America, it’s time to stand up and give Barack Obama his just due. A higher grade for his report card is amply justified.

When the First Lady said that the pie wouldn’t be expanded but redistribution was the goal most chuckled. All socialists try to bring down the upper class, to revitalize the lower class and make everyone equal except the elite 1%. A greater percentage of Americans receive government aid today than work full-time. GOVERNMENTAL DEPENDENCY, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

The expansion of debt, 6.5 trillion dollars in 5 years, has cheapened our currency to the point that the discussion of another reserve currency is being taken seriously. Most seniors’ reserve paper dollar stash will be good in the future for warming their hands. GOVERNMENTAL DEPENDENCY, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Obama Care, or is that the affordable care act, no lets call it Obama Care, has created such confusion that the entire healthcare system is in total disarray. Can I keep my insurance or can’t I? Will my hours be cut, to put me under 30, so my employer is off the hook for having to provide me insurance. The so called rich and experienced doctors are leaving the profession in droves. GOVERNMENTAL DEPENDENCY, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

The use of the NSA to spy on all Americans and the abuse of the IRS to stymie any and all political dissent is not unprecedented since it follows the path of other fascist leaders of history. People talking privately, in fear of being exposed (think NBA), for their opinions, grows daily. GOVERNMENTAL SECURITY, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

The weakening of the United States military by extending its reach to almost every country in the world rivals the final days of Rome. Benghazi was not an isolated episode but just another example of militarism gone amok. GOVERNMENTAL SAFETY, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

The collapse of the college to job path, the rise of the “to big to fail” and” to big to jail” bank aristocracy are all examples of a man with the (reverse) Midas touch. If he has touched it, it is worse.

Therefore, America, don’t grade based upon your own personal bias. You should grade on whether it’s become all about GOVERNMENT.

Obama has certainly reached MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and for that he deserves an A+.