Obama Doesn't Want to Go to School

Posted: Mar 22, 2014 12:01 AM
Obama Doesn't Want to Go to School

When you were a little child and didn’t want to go to school, you simply pulled the covers up over your head and said “mommy I don’t feel well.” A sympathetic mother would let you stay home and put off the woes of your world for another day. It was TV from morning to night and you were all smiles.

Every day the real woes of the world, many self -inflicted, come home to roost on the plate of Barrack Obama. Most people only see the recent headlines such as the Crimea-Russia annexation and the various volleyed responses in the form of sanction after sanction. What is not seen or discussed in the main stream media is the continuing saga of the civil war in Syria, the re-ascension of the military in Egypt and the deterioration of the governments in Afghanistan and Iraq. All of this in only one section of the world.

In addition delivered each morning to the plate of the Commander in Chief are such goodies as the increasing costs of healthcare for those outside of Obama’s new program, the increasing number of people on food stamps, the rising number of student loan defaults and the all-time low of his popularity level.

Each day the Obama woes keep mounting, until one day the pressure is too much to bear. It seems, every year at this time, President Obama reaches his breaking point, much like the little child desiring to stay home from school. Coincidentally it also is the same time as March Madness when basketball junkies are in their heaven, especially the first weekend.

Unfortunately most Chief Executives don’t have the luxury of putting the world on hold and saying I’ll get back to you later. As the so-called leader of the so-called free world, issues that have to be addressed are a President’s continuing responsibility, regardless of the time of year. This President however has learned the woes of the world can be equally balance with a round of golf.

The woes and the golf all go out the window the first weekend of the “frenzied 64.” Sanctions, annexations, assasinations, foreclosures, unemployment, Obamacare, all take a back seat to the President’s primary responsibility which is watching the “Diaper Dandies” strive to put the ball in the hoop.

I can almost hear the annual ritual now.

“Michele, I don’t feel so well.”