John McCain Saves the World?

Posted: Mar 20, 2014 12:01 AM
John McCain Saves the World?

A week ago I asked, on my daily radio show “It’s All About Money” heard on, WHERE IS JOHN? What could possibly have happened to our traveling Senator/Ambassador to the freedom loving peoples of the world?

However sometimes John gets a little confused and can be seen cavorting with the bad guys, such as Al-Qaeda in Syria. This brief lapse in judgment however I attribute to a “Senior Moment” or as some of us like to call it “Intelligentsius Interruptis.”

Apparently the good Senator/Ambassador was stunned by the apparent influence he exerted in December on the streets of Kiev when he told the throng (part CIA I am sure) that if the leadership did not link with the European Union the people should rise up against the current regime. Be careful what you wish for John. Riots, killings and a regime change resulted from John’s inspirational soap box oratory. In full disclosure, a Democratic Senator was standing by his side, a great example of bi-partisanship.

Fast forward three months. We all know the Crimea situation. Apparently so does John as he is once again emboldened to act, well, at least speak-out. So where was John? Apparently he was bunkered in his twelfth floor condominium in Phoenix, Arizona, formulating his verbal response to the chess moves being made by Vladimir Putin. Obviously he and his advisers struggled as day after day went by and no smoke came from the twelfth floor. Oops sorry! I was day dreaming about the last Pope. Sometimes John thinks he has the same powers as the Pontiff, but that’s another story. Apparently no new responses could be found but something had to be done after all the world was waiting for something from the twelfth floor.

Knowing the staff that runs the condominium building as well as I do, I am certain one of the bright young people offered a suggestion not easily dismissed “just say the same thing as before, isn’t it all the same?”

And the light bulb went on.

Senator John McCain recently released his statement “We need to provide greater support to Iraq, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine.” “”Rush modest military assistance to the Iraq, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, freedom fighters, students, democracy lovers, regime changers, Government.”

I could go on but you all know the rest.

My Senator, my leader, my neighbor is awe inspiring, from the streets of Kiev to the Halls of Congress. I can’t wait to see him take to the soap box demanding a reduction in association fees. Now that is really something worth fighting for.

Go get ’em John.