Reaching the Boiling Point

Posted: Jul 25, 2012 12:01 AM

We all know that with the law of physics there are certain irrefutable truths. 

What is the boiling point, for instance? We know that water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit at one atmosphere of pressure (sea level), and not a degree before. 

And we also know that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The study of science is made easier by these laws which can be counted on to take effect each time certain points are reached. 

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for human nature.

Currently, the patience, understanding, and overall tolerance of the people of Spain is being seriously tested. 

Yes, each country in the world is going through their individual trials and tribulations, and none more so than the citizens of Spain. 

In order to survive financially in this current state, the Spanish government must depend upon the generosity of outside forces. 

The IMF, ECB, and EU all have a say in the future of Spain, as long as Spain is a member of the European Union. 

The powers-to-be, both within and outside of Spain, have a vested interest in the preservation of the status quo.

Spanish citizens have watched as their total way of life has come crashing down around them.  From depression era unemployment to real estate collapse, from banking grafts to political shenanigans, most of the citizens continue to suffer so that a select few can maintain their lifestyle. 

However, much like the laws of nature, a point will be reached when the citizenry will say “no mas.” 

All through history, whether it was in the Americas in the 1700s, or as recent as the Arab Spring of 2010, people reach a point where they must take action and seize control of events with their own hands. 

Tyranny is ultimately recognized and foments the attitude of “no more going along.” 

The Spanish people, in my opinion, are getting very close to that point. 

The realization that the European Union was simply a grand experiment to benefit only a privileged few is gradually being understood across not only the continent, but also the world. 

As the creditors demand more austerity for European Union membership, the reality will ultimately settle in that Spanish individuality and a money printing press is the only solution. 

It won’t take a temperature of 212 degrees to reach that conclusion, nor to reach the ultimate boiling point of the Spanish people.