Obama Goes for 3, or Something

Posted: Jun 07, 2012 12:01 AM

How foolish of me. 

It’s only taken 3-plus years and the current NBA playoffs to finally understand our current President. 

I thought for a while that he was simply an academician, then a Chicago politician, a Keynesian, and finally a Fascist. 

I still believe he’s all those things, but now I’ve come to realize he’s actually just a basketball player in President’s clothing. 

I came to that conclusion after listening to his recent speech about giving everyone $3,000 in order to buy a thing-a-ma-bob??? 

Several other times, I’ve heard Obama say $3 million, or $3 billion, or 3 whatever (thing-a-ma-bob?) 

Obviously, his mind is not on the matter at hand, he’s just thinking about hitting the 3-point jumper. 

In fact, I’m sure that as he dreams at night the last thing to enter his subconscious (or even conscious for that matter) are the events of the day. 

More than likely, as Barack drifts off into dreamland he sees himself winning the big game with a last-second picture-perfect jump shot from beyond the 3-point line, pure Michael Jordan. 

It doesn’t solve the world’s problems, but it does make for a nice sleep.

Think back to when he ordered Osama bin Laden taken out.  That wasn’t a military action; it was a full-court press. 

And when Solyndra started to undo the green strategy, the White House team went into a tight zone defense in order to protect their star player, Obama, from fouling out. 

As we move toward the general elections, the attacks on Romney will intensify; it will get very up-close and personal. 

In basketball parlance, that’s a tight in-your-face man-to-man defense, which, if played with intensity, can create instant offense. 

And make no mistake; the White House team will play with intensity. 

As Obama looks at a world of falling employment, European crisis, Chinese contraction, and a whole host of other problems, he wakes up every morning and goes to sleep every night without any real two-point slam dunk, the guaranteed easy shot. 

That’s why he continues to pine away for the 3-pointer. 

The unfortunate part that the President has failed to realize is that governing is similar to coaching, not playing. 

It takes different skills, unique understanding, and an ability that goes well beyond him; it’s not just about hitting the 3-point shot. 

Where, oh, where is the great John Wooden when we need him?