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Who has the Watch?

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“Not on my watch.” 

How many times does a politician campaign on what is the right and necessary thing to do? 

We’ve heard it time and time again, once they’re in they’ll turn things around, get back on track, move in the right direction, no matter how much discomfort is involved. 


Then reality sets in and the actual amount of pain that has to be inflicted on the populous to, in fact, set the right course is suddenly realized. 

At that moment in time, the politicians’ direction which got him or her elected is suddenly changed. 

Whatever is necessary to do or say in order to get reelected becomes a paramount goal.  The betterment of the people, the economy, and even the country is to be damned. 

The politicians’ instinct of self preservation takes over. 

The classic change of colors is not reserved for any particular party or any individual belief or any specific country.  It is neither reserved for historic nor for contemporary politicians. 

It cuts across all categories, from national to local figures, and from young to old.  Once they’re in, they want to stay in. 

This is not a piece about the benefits of term limits, though it certainly could be. 

It is, however, about what will happen if and when governments in Europe and around the world change their leaders. 

Everyone agrees that pain will be inflicted on some part of the populous in order to right the ship.  The majority of current politicians would save the bankers and the elite few at the expense of the rest. 

Austerity is bandied around like it’s as simple as going out to dinner one less time per week.  With unemployment running rampant, collapsing real estate values, and nationalism surging, the moment of truth is approaching. 


Will the select few escape the pain at the expense of the many, or will the potential new heads of state follow through and deliver on their promise of growth versus austerity?  The citizenry doesn’t throw lavish lunches. 

Nor do they write large checks for reelection or guarantee substantial jobs after retirement. 

No matter how well intentioned the newly elected politician, the power of the elite few is substantial and historically has almost always been the winner, and the people the loser.

Each time the electorate is disappointed by the well-intended politician, the reactions get more severe and increasingly violent. 

We are now at the tipping point. 

Newly elected politicians better understand why they were elected: to be leaders.  Or, the consequences could be historic. 

And it will be on their watch. 

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