Obama's Ex Girlfriend

Posted: Jan 24, 2012 12:01 AM

Let the games begin. 

Gingrich’s ex-wife is paraded out for a tell-all about her marriage, creating doubts about Newt’s morality. 

Rick Perry’s hunting camp rock of decades ago gets more ink than the Iranian war games, and he’s questioned about his bigotry. 

Herman Cain is confronted with old girlfriends and we all know how that turned out. 

I’m sure that if Michele Bachmann had fared better, we would have learned that she kicked her dog and underfed her dozens of children, making her a contemporary Mommie Dearest

As for Ron Paul, well, in the media most dismiss him as just a wacko.  The mainstream media, contrary to their continued denouncements, is definitely biased. 

I’m sure that comes as no revelation.  In fact, it’s probably a column not even worth writing.  Dismiss it, forget it, and move on.  That’s where; once again, it got me thinking. 

Why has no former grade school, high school, or college classmate of Barack Hussein Obama  ever been found? 

I’m sure his old classmates could have shed light on his personal life, such as his interests and hobbies. 

Why hasn’t an old girlfriend emerged to tell about a wonderful date, or what a great boyfriend he was and how he was so sincere and understanding? 

I believe Obama is a Marxist, in fact, I think he’s a Fascist.  Why don’t any of his former teachers come forward and defend him from statements like mine?  As Romney’s Bain Capital job is examined inside and out, where is the same examination of Barack Obama? 

The mainstream media would say “Old news, just old news, move on.”  “He’s the President.” 

Unfortunately, had the bias been dispensed with originally, maybe these questions would have been answered. 

No matter how old it is, an unanswered question is still an unanswered question.  This President evokes uncertainties of both character and behavior every single day. 

Statements and decisions that create an almost totalitarian atmosphere require that questions be asked and answers given.  If these critical inquires are not made by the mainstream biased press, then they should be made by us, the citizens of the United States. 

Will the same scrutiny be given to both Presidential candidates this time?  More than likely, the answer is no. 

However, there should be equal scrutiny, and we must not only ask it and request it, but we must demand it.