Barack Obama Pays Radicals To Staff His Campaign

Posted: May 14, 2008 12:01 AM
Barack Obama Pays Radicals To Staff His Campaign

Barack Obama is all about unification.

Theres only one problem: the people who comprise his staff are some of the most extreme leftists in the country.

Theres his legislative counsel, Ian H. Solomon, who wrote in 2004 that John Kerry lost Florida due to voter fraud, repeating the kook theory that computer voting machines were rigged for Bush. Obama paid him $49,499.94 during the six-month period from April 1, 2007 to September 30, 2007.

Theres Jennifer Mason, Obamas Correspondence Coordinator, who, according to columnist Debbie Schlussel, is a member of Louis Farrakhans dangerous and sickening Nation of Islam. During the same period, she was paid $30,749.95 by the Obama campaign.

Then theres Demond Mullins, Obamas special assistant. Between July 9, 2007 and August 24, 2007, Obama paid Mullins $3,066.66. Mullins is a former clothing model who joined the National Guard for its educational benefits and was surprised to learn that National Guard members could be placed in war zones. He served in Baghdad from September 2004 to September 2005.

Mullins is now a radical anti-war pacifist associated with Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). I thought [the military] showed a blatant disregard for human life. I was just tired of being part of a machine destroying the Earth -- and Im speaking of the military-industrial complex, he told When asked by The New Times Holler! what positives he thought sprang from American presence in Iraq, Mullins answered, I dont see anything positive about an unjustified and criminal occupation of foreign territory.

In an interview with NPR, Mullins strayed into John Kerry circa post-Vietnam territory. I dehumanized people I dont even know how many raids I did while I was there. But during raids youre throwing them up against the wall, youre tying their hands behind their back, youre dragging them out of the bed. Youre dehumanizing them in front of their wives and their kids and, you know, the women are crying and the children are crying and you're just like, whatever. Put a bag over their head or blindfold, drag them into the Humvee. Certain exhibitions of violence on my part that were probably unnecessary -- were definitely unnecessary. But I was really stressed out and on edge at the time and I conducted myself ... like that.

Mullins is a one-man anti-military band. Aside from dehumanizing innocent Iraqis, Mullins claims that military men spend their time raping military women. One time a woman was taking a shower late, and guys went and held the door closed so she couldnt get out, while one guy went in to rape her, Mullins told The original story included a quote from Mullins reading, Rapes were happening every night ... Married men were doing it, everyone. deleted the quote after Mullins stated that he had been misquoted -- really, Mullins clarified, married men were only committing adultery and sexual harassment, not rape, on a constant basis.

Why did the Obama campaign pay Mullins -- a professional anti-war protestor with a history of anti-military statements -- over $3,000 for unspecified services during July-August 2007? What was Mullins role with the campaign? Calls to the Obama campaign were not returned; neither were calls to IVAW.

All along, Barack Obama has pled ignorance with regard to the people with whom he associates. Former Weathermen Underground terrorist Bill Ayers is just a college professor, according to Obama; Reverend Jeremiah Wright is just a spiritual advisor without political input. These are absurd claims in their own right. But whether or not Obama should be held responsible for the statements of his friends, he should certainly be held responsible for the people he puts on his payroll.

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