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Student Life joins LifeWay family

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) -- LifeWay Christian Resources and Student Life, Inc., minister to more than 100,000 teenagers each year as two of the largest providers of Christian student conferences. On Aug. 15, Student Life officially became part of the LifeWay family of resources.

Leaders of both ministries emphasized that while their camp experiences are programmatically different, each ministry is committed to seeing the lives of students transformed by Jesus and His Word.

"LifeWay and Student Life share a passion for serving the church and helping the next generation grow in their devotion to Christ and commitment to reach the world for Him," said Ben Trueblood, LifeWay's director of student ministries. "That passion for young people makes this relationship possible and beneficial to the Kingdom."

Student Life, based in Birmingham, Ala., has provided Christian summer camps and conferences for kids and youth since 1993. Because of the unique differences and emphases of each organization's camp offerings and locations, leaders do not expect significant changes will be necessary in programming or locations.

"Both of our organizations provide conferences and camps in slightly different ways that meet needs of individual churches and student ministries," Trueblood explained. "Many of those differences won't change so that we can continue to meet specific needs of individual churches.

"Student Life staff members are now LifeWay employees but will continue to work out of their Birmingham offices, and Student Life will continue to promote its own identity and conference offerings," Trueblood said.

Student Life's president, J. Roger Davis, said the ministry "has been faithfully serving churches for nearly 20 years by creating events and experiences for people to have an authentic interaction with God."


"This new season of ministry for us is exciting as being a part of the LifeWay family will allow us to continue to serve the churches we have served and also partner with new youth ministers throughout the country as we all work together to raise a generation of devoted Christ-followers," Davis said.

Earl Roberson, who will continue as vice president of operations for Student Life, said he is eager to finalize the transition "and continue the great ministry of Student Life as a part of the LifeWay family."

Even though LifeWay and Student Life leaders have begun the necessary behind-the-scenes transition, both organizations already have a full schedule of 2013 conferences available at their respective websites:,, and

Marty King is director of communications for LifeWay Christian Resources.

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