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Matt Drudge And These "Big, Big Times"

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“These are big times. BIG, big-big-big-big times…”

So began a rare, cameo appearance by media revolutionary Matt Drudge. He was in-studio with Talk Show Hosts Barry Young and Michele Larson on Wednesday June 10th, at Phoenix, Arizona’s Newstalk 550 KFYI radio.

I often refer in this column to some of my own talk show hosting experiences, including some that occur at my Phoenix talk radio home, Newstalk 92-3 KTAR. But Drudge is wickedly accurate in his assessments and predictions, and the conversation that I heard on another talk show was absolutely riveting. Here are some of the highlights.

After a few moments of mutual admiration (“You’re my first read every morning” Young announced, with Drudge responding with “I listen to you two every day from wherever I’m at in the world” and “Barry, you are a tonic for our time”), Drudge launched, pointing-out the absurdity of the day’s headlines.

“The new head of G.M. has declared that he knows nothing about cars - this, after our government just took-over G.M. These are big times. The world is upside down. Obama has been in office less than six months, and I’m telling you the world is upside down. Oh, and I’ve posted a photo of Michelle Obama dressed in a clown outfit this morning. Did you see it?”

“How could I miss it?” Young replied.

“And do you know where she was at?”

“Yes, of all places, Westminster Abbey” Larson answered.

“Walking out of a church. If Sarah Palin were to appear in public looking like this, there would be cat-calls about her having mental illness. But this is Michelle Obama, so her clown outfit at Westminster Abbey is fashionable. This is one of the reasons I’ve been linking more and more to foreign news sources. There’s a hunger for critical thinking in these big times, and American news outlets don’t provide it. Michelle Obama dressed like a circus clown is just ‘fashionable’ for American media…”

“You were with us shortly before the Democrats took-over the Congress back in 2006” Young stated. “You said then that if the Democrats ruled Washington, and the economy tanked, people’s property and assets would become endangered…”

“Interesting subject” Drudge replied. “Earlier this decade, Barbara Streisand, Alec Baldwin and so forth kept telling us they would leave the country because Bush was President. They were bluffing. But I know people who are leaving now. People with money, people with wealth. They’re not announcing anything, they’re just leaving. Taking their money to Singapore. Buying farmland in New Zealand. Whatever. They’re just leaving. And with this government the way it is, we don’t know what will be seized next. We don’t know what Rahm Emanuel will attempt next. We don’t really know what’s going on in the Middle East. I just hope Barack and Hillary don’t get us all killed with their foreign policy.”

“Remember the demonstrations with the AIG executives earlier this year?” Drudge continued. “Remember the Obama types - and I’ll call them what they are, they’re thugs - remember them demonstrating in front of the private homes of the AIG executives?”

“I think A.C.O.R.N. arranged that” Young interjected.

“Maybe so, but I suspect Rahm Emanuel was involved too. And what was the message those demonstrators were sending to the AIG Exec’s - you’re too rich? You’re too successful? You’re the wrong race? What?”

“Oh the message was clear, Matt” Larson responded. “’If you’re successful, if you make more money than your neighbors, beware: we’re coming after you.’ That was the message.”

“So in the era of Obama, Drudgereport is more successful than ever” Young observed.

“Yes, and your show, and Rush, and conservative talk radio is bigger than ever. And by the way, Rush has changed absolutely nothing about himself or his show, since Obama took office, yet look how they’ve come after him. But I’m watching to see if the F.C.C. tries to start regulating cable TV. If the Administration or the Congress tries to make cable TV subordinate to the fed’s, then it’s ‘game on.’ And it won’t be because soft porn appears at two in the morning. It’ll be because of the success, and the total market domination of the Fox Newschannel. They hate that. So watch carefully..”

“How come you’ve never been hacked?” Young asked.

“Well, I have been hacked. But they can’t get me now, Barry. I’m everywhere, my servers are scattered all over the place. They don’t know where to get me. I got 25 million hits yesterday, and there’s nothing they can do about it. I’ve been online for nearly 15 years, and that’s a lot of time - about 150 Katie Couric years - but they can’t get me…”

By week’s end, Drudgereport was linking to a news story - a report emanating from London, not from the U.S. - indicating that President Obama is contemplating a plan to bulldoze, and destroy, several American towns and neighborhoods, as part of his plan to “survive the American economic decline.”

Yes, Mr. Drudge. These are “big-big times.”

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