A Plan to Defeat ISIS—Don’t Hold Your Breath

Posted: Feb 18, 2015 12:01 AM
A Plan to Defeat ISIS—Don’t Hold Your Breath

Marie Harf, Deputy Spokesperson for the State Department believes the best way to defeat ISIS is to stimulate their economy and give them jobs.

This is just the latest and greatest plan from the Obama administration that consistently refuses to name radical Islam as our enemy. This week the White House will host a three-day summit on extremism, yet there are no plans to discuss or define Islamic extremism as a threat.

For months now we have seen gruesome and horrifying images of beheadings, burnings, and other torturous acts from these Islamic extremists—yet there has been little to no leadership in “degrading and destroying” ISIS. We have a President who believes these extremists are operating like a “jayvee” team and that this is a problem that will simply go away.

While, Marie Harf’s strategy to defeat ISIS is mind-blowing, it isn’t surprising given the administration’s view on the situation. To the Obama administration ISIS isn’t a significant threat. In a press conference last week Josh Earnest, White House Press Secretary, said that “climate change poses more of a threat than terrorism.” This is a statement that is clearly believed by President Obama and his administration. In the past two weeks, ISIS has ramped up its brutal murders and yet something such as climate change is more “threatening” to this administration.

According to the logic of the Obama administration, ISIS operates like a “jayvee” team and climate change poses an extremely dangerous threat, therefore it only makes sense that we should strive to create jobs for these terrorists. Makes sense right?

Wrong. We cannot treat these murderous Islamic extremists like petty criminals who can be rehabilitated through participation in the workforce. Why is it that our President continues to lead behind in matters of foreign policy and national security? The United States used to be seen as an example to the world, a leader on the world stage but today our national security strategy is embarrassing. As the number of deaths continues to rise and these extremists employ more heinous tactics to kill innocent human beings the United States should respond with authority rather than propose an economics lesson.

During Obama’s presidency many small businesses have shut their doors due to burdensome regulations, taxes have skyrocketed, and jobs have dwindled. The amount of Americans who are not employed and have given up searching for employment has increased substantially under this President. With the Obama administration’s record on job creation, I guess the American people could expect ISIS to never be defeated if we must first create jobs for them.