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AP Photo/Michael Conroy

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Peter Buttigieg has roared into the spotlight since he flirted—then announced—his presidential bid. He checks off an interesting set of identity political markers: young, gay, but also a white Mid-westerner who might, just might, appeal to the still important white, male, blue collar voting bloc, the one which propelled Trump from reality TV outsider to White House insider. “Make the Midwest Gay, Left-Leaning, Democratic!” is the silent mantra of the radical Democratic Party.


Buttigieg announced his homosexual leanings to his fellow residents in 2015. He had become a superstar in Democratic circles much earlier than that. In 2012, he was elected the youngest mayor of a major city in the nation’s history. This development was all the more stunning, since he was an openly gay elected official in a very conservative state.

He’s the latest media darling, naturally. Recent articles highlighted that in high school, he was voted most likely to be (or run for?) President. Whoopee! A more measured response? “Who cares?” At this point, the corrupted, sclerotic, yet still-struggling-to-stay relevant mainstream media are propping up another wunderkind candidate, the “White Gay Obama.” One can guess the thoughts of the lightly-esteemed news anchors: “Here is more hope and change, everyone! You cornhusker hicks need to stop being so conservative! Start embracing the future!”

They tried that similar propaganda schtick with Hillary Clinton, and failed. This latest media blitz is laughable besides predictably insulting. The corporate media is judgmental, but hardly tyrannical, since their market share has plummeted. No collusion, no obstruction means no reason to watch CNN, MSNBC, etc., and thus no more major media influence.


But with Buttigieg, there is a reason for pause. He’s judgmental, but also tyrannical. In 2008, Obama disparaged We The (Little) People as those who “get bitter” and cling to our guns and our Bibles.

In 2019, Buttigieg has already rolled out an aggressive platform, as open as his sexual preferences:

  1. Take away firearms, especially from Social Security retirees
  2. A Green New Deal enthusiast, he wants to put coal miners out of business.
  3. He claims that “the right” has no hold on faith, and believes that Christians need to evolve.
  4. An anti-republican (in the political science sense) demagogue, Mayor Pete wants to get rid of the Electoral College, since mob rule at the ballot box is one of the few avenues for Democratic resurgence in national politics.

He has gone from snidely criticizing to declaring war on the values that not only make America great, but Make America … America!

This threat must be taken seriously, not because he could win the nomination and perhaps the presidency. Call me a little too self-confident, but his base of support (rich white, coastal, elitist liberals) are not going to propel him with possible chances of winning. Sure, he is polling third in Iowa. However, lots of winners there don’t win the nomination in June.


Sure, Mayor Pete can sweep a caucus or two in 2020, but never really amount to anything. However, his 2020 momentum could fortify starry-eyed future political activists, further conditioned to embrace walking contradictions, all of them tyrannical as well as judgmental. The ongoing culture war has already heated up in our politics. In 2016, Hillary Clinton remarked that people have to fit into new cultural norms. Notice now brazen certain (predominantly Democratic) candidates have become. This openly gay “married” man calls himself a Christian, yet defiantly rejects Biblical tenets on marriage, sexuality, essential doctrine on the nature of man, and even liberty itself. He condemned evangelical voters for supporting Trump and Pence. Trump had affairs, has been divorced twice, and (allegedly) paid hush money over his liaison with a porn star. Evangelicals didn’t elect a boy scout—OK Pete, got it. Great leaders have had disorderly private lives. Buttigieg also lambasted Vice President Pence for standing with and defending Trump, even though they hold clear differences on certain cultural issues.

Excuse me? Pardon my English, but who the hell are you to judge anyone, Mayor Pete?! As an evangelical voter, I chose Trump because I wanted a leader. By the way, he apologized for his sinful behavior (The Gospel is about grace after all!). I voted for him because he wanted to secure my country and liberty, including freedom of conscience, something that you seem to have a problem with.


Of course, the real hypocrisy is how this guy can call himself a Christian while actively railing against the Biblical truth of marriage—an institution which predates the state, defined as one man and one woman. Consider this statement:  “I saddens me because when I think about the blessings of marriage. First of all, it's one of the most conservative things about my life.” Are you kidding me? Marriage has been, remains the union of one man and one woman. The idea that he can blithely dismiss all of this is just upsetting. “It is morally one of the best things in my life … makes me a better person. I would even say it moves me closer to God.”

What God is he referencing? His own made-up faith that makes him OK because he says so. Pete sounds more like the Pharisee how prayed to himself (cf. Luke 18:10-14). What happens if I don’t agree with you? Ostracization? Fines? Jail time? The Boy-Mayor loves to talk about how God is love. Doesn’t love also mean not shaming people for their differing political views?  God is also Light, a beacon of unshakable truth in a lost world. If we give up the truth, there is no moral authority to lead.

Buttigieg so casually rewrites spirituality, and at the same time he condemns those who stand up for Biblical truth. His unwavering disdain for the truth is already inspiring—or rather inciting—more brazen disregard from future generations, a divide that could spill into both parties and overwhelm the country.  Our country was founded on resisting tyranny. Buttigieg must be resisted.


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