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Canada’s commitment to human rights has dwindled faster than imagined. A nation founded within the British Empire, whose leaders were Bible-believing Christians committed to a civilizing mission around the world, Canada has fallen so far from its Judeo-Christian roots and causes. The attacks on freedom of speech and religion are staggering, and American citizens—as well as freedom fighters around the world—need to pay attention. The homeland of John Candy, Kenneth Galbraith, Jordan Peterson, The McKenzie Brothers, Bonhomme, Francophone Americans, and Brian Mulroney has gone fascist.


This immoral rot began fifty years ago, and the fruit of this poisonous tree is in full-flourish today. Pierre Trudeau, the Liberal Canadian Prime Minister from the late 1960s and 1970s, ushered in a sleeper cell Communist movement into his country. While claiming to promote liberty for all as well as founding a sovereign nation distinct (yet still connected to) the British Commonwealth, Pierre Trudeau effectively set the political course for diminishing the rights of Canada’s citizens while expanding the control of the state.

The core scheme lies in the heart of Canada’s Charter on Human Rights, which contains this nettlesome clause at the outset: 

1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

This one “reasonable limitation” clause has imposed unreasonable tyranny on anyone who speaks against homosexuality, Islam, or other hot topics. Reason has no reason when the fundamental values of a country are routinely scuttled, when the name of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Judeo-Christian, Anglo-Saxon culture are shoved aside in the name of tolerance, diversity, and multiculturalism. Because of these rising abuses, Canadian psychologist, professor, and world-wide celebrity intellect Jordan Peterson has sounded the alarm for Christians. “You need to fight for your rights. They are being undermined by the Canadian Government.”


There is no better case for Canada’s anti-Christian tyranny than the persecution of Bill Whatcott. A subject of untold controversy for simply telling the truth, Whatcott defends natural law and Biblical morality on a range of subjects, both in open forums and undercover. A former criminal saved by God’s grace, he has served as a nurse, a bus driver, a small business owner, and Gospel preacher—and now serves as Canada chapter leader for international pro-family group MassResistance.

An upstanding citizen who has harmed no one, he faces two criminal trials: one in Toronto for the federal crime of disseminating hate; and in British Columbia for discrimination.

What did Bill do? A brilliant, witty evangelist, Whatcott and other Christians dressed up as the Gay Zombie Cannabis Consumers Association to distribute Gospel tracts in the 2016 Toronto Gay Pride parade. While grown men were marching naked in broad daylight (and in front of children), Whatcott and his fellow believers passed out cleverly disguised Gospel tracts.

The British Columbia Human Rights (Actually Inhuman Wrongs) Tribunal is prosecuting Whatcott for informing voters about a disorderly man named Ronan Oger who has run for office numerous times claiming to be a woman. He (yes, he) is dedicated to persecuting Christians who refuse to embrace his delusions.

Since when did simply identifying someone’s proper sex turn into a crime?

In addition to two criminal trials, Whatcott faces a multimillion-dollar class action lawsuit (to the tune of $104 million, to be precise). Yes, big-time victicrat lawyer Doug Elliot is looking to cash in big on hurt feelings and LGBT snowflakes. Of course, the merciless criminal prosecutions, the excessive lawsuits, and the media-shaming is not just about Bill Whatcott. These egregious, extralegal acts from the Canadian government are determined to silence any opposition to homosexuality, transgenderism, and the implicit dangers of the LGBT agenda in any country.


Since when has it been a crime to preach the Gospel? Since when have homosexuals and transgenders lost the capacity to take a joke? The humorless Left in Canada is going out of its way to punish Bill Whatcott, not because they want to silence him. He has not stopped preaching the Gospel or sharing the truth about homosexuality and transgenderism. This is about silencing all other Canadians of conviction, courage, and conscience. This is about scaring Canada’s Christians out of the public square entirely.

Americans should pay more attention to what their neighbors in the Great White North are dealing with. High taxes, fees, onerous government regulations, institutionalized anti-Christian bigotry have become the norm. Only recently have Canada’s version of the Yellow Jackets, mirroring the public outraged of their French peers, started taking to the streets. But even then, they are not tackling the stifling, tyrannical political correctness overwhelming every facet of Canadian society.

Anti-Christian bigotry, wayward human rights tribunals perpetrating human wrongs, and the lawless LGBT ideology are forcing Canadians to believe a lie. This has become the norm as the Canadian powers that be—elected or unelected—rely on the abusive power of the federal and provincial governments to force their regressive agenda onto everyone else. Americans, pay attention: this is coming our way next if we don’t stop it there. Say a pray for Bill Whatcott, and start calling on our federal government to apply pressure on the Canadian government to respect the natural rights of its entire citizenry, including freedom of speech, assembly—and religion.


Author's note: I am the organization director for MassResistance and can be contacted at

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