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I was thrilled September 5th 2017 when President Trump announced, through Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Even though illegal aliens and the enabling political class assembled in front of the Edward Roybal Federal Building to denounce this decision. The building name is telling. That Roybal moniker has controlled East Los Angeles-LA County politics for decades. Daddy Roybal passed on his House seat to daughter Lucille, and she still pushes mass immigration at the expense of American citizens.

That legacy is coming to an end.

The small gathering of progressives and hostile liberals cried and bellowed at the sky. DACA is over. One guy got in my face and called me an “a—hole” repeatedly. A few other left-wing agitators rolled up to me and badgered me because I was happy that “little children” were going to be deported. First of all, the vast majority of the DACA recipients are not children. Many of them are in their late 20’s, and there are some even in their upper 30’s! The media have been pushing this false narrative for decades, inducing Americans to feel sorry for the young illegals whose parents brought them into our country without our permission. We have laws, you know!

In fact, I pressured a few of the younger agitators with some simple questions: “Do you have a door? Do you lock it at night?” Then I asked if they still have walls around their homes. They had to concede that they live in secure buildings. Why can’t we as a country demand that the federal government lock the nation’s door and finish the wall along our border?

Because people on the left living in feelings and not facts, one woman jeered at me: “Why are you so into the law?” Why are they not into the law? Fed up with the circular reasoning, I reached to grab the bike away from her, and she lit up immediately: “Don’t touch my sh-t!” Her hypocrisy on border security and the rule of law was exposed immediately. She didn’t want a wall along our southern border, she doesn’t care about the rule of law, but the moment she thinks someone wants to take her bicycle, she screams and yells. These liberals are such hypocrites. (warning: graphic language)

Truly, though, it was brilliant and welcome that President Trump handed over the DACA issue to Congress, regardless of what the lawmakers wanted to do. The situation should have been resolved by law, not executive fiat with a pen and phone. And that’s when I really got busy. Six months is a long time, and yet not much time to promote or prevent legislation. I am committed to seeing more enforcement, not more amnesty. This country has been generous enough. It’s time to address our manifold domestic concerns. A sharp reduction in legal immigration along with a full stop to illegal immigration must be the call of the day.

I was in Washington, D.C. for five days last year, and I whipped through every Congressional office I could. I showed staffers the many videos my fellow conservative activists and I had taken of the DACA brats and their violent supporters. They harassed Congressmen all over Southern California, too. Did these arrogant, entitled “kids” really think that Christmas trees, loud chants, and nasty pictures haranguing Republicans were going to win over public support?


Back home, it was a lot of fun watching Congress punts from one spending bill to the next, and Democrats could get nothing close to an amnesty or any form of legal status for illegal aliens. Despite President Trump’s simplistic lip-service to offer a pathway to citizenship for three times the population of DACA recipients, I believed Trump was playing the Democrats like a harp from hell the whole time.

The Schumer Shutdown shut down Democrats’ moral superiority on immigration. They made illegal aliens more important than Americans, particularly our military. The second budget battle gave way to massive spending (bad), but no immigration deals (good). The open floor process collapsed before our very eyes. Even though I was a little spooked to see eight Republicans push for more immigration and a mass amnesty, every bad bill died.

And we won. March 5th, 2018 is upon us, and the left-wing, anti-social injustice warriors have nothing to show for their screaming, yelling, cursing, swearing, and en masse spending from George Soros. Life is good, and the Republic will endure.

Now, some critics and concerned voices have reminded me of the judicial policy misconduct from two federal district courts. Yes, they have blocked the full repeal of DACA, but new applicants can no longer apply. Ultimately, this juridical problem is another issue, beyond immigration. It’s time for Congress to crack down on judicial tyranny. How about a nice repeal of Marbury vs. Madison for starters? Then maybe Congress could get back to working within the framework of its enumerated powers while restoring all other rights to the states and the people.

Even though the United States Supreme Court refused a fast-track review of the issue, the truth is that the DOJ’s request was extraordinary to begin with. This program is on even more shaky ground, and ICE is rounding up illegals like never before. For me, the March 5th deadline for Congress to come up with a “solution” to DACA is what matters. There is no solution, because this utter lawlessness, and the decades of inaction and enabling from our federal government, didn’t need another legislative band-aid.

With that, let me leave you with now-deceased Terry Anderson, another conservative sage from South Central who testified twice before Congress: “We don’t need any new laws. Enforce the ones we got.” The laws are being enforced, finally. And we don’t have to feel guilty anymore. In a sense, the illegal aliens’ dreams have been deferred, but the expectation of Americans seeking law and order—that dream is finally being realized. This is a happy day for me.

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