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In a stunning turn of doubled-down delusion, Hillary Clinton, the twice-failed presidential candidate; the non-entity US Senator from New York; the failed First Lady whose health care proposal gave Republicans consummate control over Congress for the first time in 40 years; this Hillary Clinton said: “The Republican Party is imploding.”


Really. (Stop laughing).

Seriously, the GOP is going through Grand Old Growing pains, as President Trump made the signature issue, illegal immigration, a national concern for all, taking it out of the media spin which framed the issue as merely narrow-minded fearmongering of radical right-wing extremists. Big Business, Cheap Labor Republicans are getting the shaft, and a new generation of America First conservatives will be taking their place. Orrin Hatch has intimated he will retire, for example, and Dean Heller won’t be far behind. Not imploding, the Republicans are redefining themselves as the party for American citizens.

In contrast, the Marxist Left has taken over the Democratic Party, with an obsession toward phasing out national differences and ushering in a globalist, communistic society where everyone is "equal”. Democrats are also obsessed with race and divisive identity politics. These stark movements toward the Left are sowing the seeds of self-dissolution within the Democratic Party. Furthermore, the DNC is  pushing harder than before for amnesty and mass migration. Ultimately, they want third-world dependents to become Democratic voters, who will demand more socialism and welfare, all while undermining this great country.

Ironically, this agenda is crushing the Democratic Party’s future. Voters reject mass migration and amnesty. They bear the costs of illegal immigration, which are overrunning every public sector in the country. Taxpayers won’t tolerate funding lawbreakers while their needs as overburdened citizens remain ignored.


One liberal-leaning Republican, Andrew Sullivan, has noticed this problem among left-of-center political parties. As a liberal-leaning political advocate, he wants a more robust center-left opposition to stop the conservative Trump onslaught overtaking the Republican Party. In his cold analysis of the Democratic Party’s singular failing on immigration—The Issue That Could Lose the Next Election for Democrats—he ruefully contends that the center-left will be left behind for the long-term because of their ongoing radical views on immigration. In striking fashion, he debunks Hillary Clinton’s hilarious assertion about the Republican Party.

First, Sullivan recognizes that popular outrage against illegal immigration and mass migration have galvanized populist conservative movements around the world. No surprise there: the average citizen will not tolerate their rights, sovereignty, and resources getting robbed by globalist interests who want wealth at everyone else’s expense. Sullivan tries to offer a defense for the center-left, whom he hopes to help change: “You would think that parties of the center-left would grapple with this existential threat to their political viability. And some have.”

Actually, they haven’t. Many center-left parties around the world have lost record numbers of seats and power in state and national legislatures. They have failed to bridge the divide between pragmatic policies and their radical bases. Many of their grassroots have even moved into the Green Party or other left-wing coalitions, while working-class “Labourites” (aka Reagan Democrats) have joined center-right coalitions, since conservatives champion national identity and individual economic self-interest. The global left’s implosion describes the United States’ Democratic Party (not the GOP). The Pelosi-Schumer-Perez DNC has not shifted to the changing consensus against illegal immigration.



Sullivan’s pro-left analysis contends that Obama tried to achieve immigration reform, bridging the Radical Left grassroots (amnesty) with the Democratic Political class (enforcement). LIE. Obama was no pragmatist on immigration. He falsely claimed higher deportations because he mislabeled illegals turned away at the border as deportations. He then bypassed Congress twice with executive amnesty orders. Obama laid the foundation for the Democratic Party’s radical stance on immigration, as opposed to trying to stop it.

Sullivan slams these stances from the Democratic Party’s regarding immigration:

1. They criticize enforcement of our immigration laws. They patently refuse to recognize illegal immigration as a problem. US Senator Dianne Feinstein threw a fit about ICE detaining a child following a surgery. Where was she when Kate Steinle was murdered?

2. Democrats treat illegal alien parents like heroes and victims, but ignore veterans and vulnerable American populations like America’s homeless and the mentally ill. President Trump is addressing the opioid crisis, one exacerbated by—you guessed it, illegal immigration, specifically through drug trafficking. Where was Obama? Where are the Democrats on this pandemic?


3.  Democrats treat illegal children with special privilege. The Democratic candidate for Governor of New Jersey declared on live television that illegal youth are as American as his own children. No. They. Are. Not. What about our kids? What about Drew Rosenberg, a California college student viciously murdered by an illegal?


4. The Democratic Party has doubled down so much on amnesty and non-enforcement, no one believes their lip-service to border security. Government’s main responsibility is to protect our rights, including life, viz. securing the citizenry from all threats, both foreign and domestic.

5. Sullivan’s last indictment against the Democratic Party is searing: "[They view] any kind of distinction between citizens and noncitizens [as] somehow racist.”


Really. It’s offensive, stupid, and just plain false. Sullivan even mocks his liberal friends for defining borders as “racist.” While the DNC is descending into self-parody, registered Democratic voters (many of whom are immigrants) have stopped sanctuary state proposals in blue states like Delaware and Maryland.

Their next votes may fall to Republican candidates!

Supposedly, the Democratic Party believes in expanding the power of the demos, does it not? However, how do they plan on carrying out that basic mission if they undermine the very power of the people, i.e. the voter franchise, which requires a nation defined by laws, borders, and a common defense. What's next, will the Democratic Party denounce being American as racist, too?

This is how far left the Democratic Party has become, and if they don't get with the program and remember that they are a political party operating within the United States, their implosion will be immediate and irreversible.



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