Throwing Shade: Maxine Waters Town Hall in Inglewood, CA

Posted: May 15, 2017 12:01 AM
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Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a.k.a. “The Crazy Black Lady” has dirtied up Congress for 28 years. UGH! This noxious witch has gotten a lot of press in the last four months. She gets lots of attention because she likes to throw shade (urban slang for constantly insulting someone) at Donald Trump, Republicans, and just about anyone else you can think of.

A wrecking ball of stupidity, Waters has faced token opposition all her career. For all of her bluster, Maxine Waters has run the South LA, Hawthorne, Inglewood, and Gardena regions into the ground for nearly 3 decades. What does she have to show for it? Zero.

I have long wanted to confront Waters on her record of professional failure. Then four days ago, I got word that Waters was hosting a town hall in Inglewood. Unlike previous town halls, I took clear steps to ensure that I would be protected ahead of time. Trump supporters don’t just find themselves behind enemy lines, I have sadly found that any outcry of displeasure or disapproval means that I get escorted out. This is the fate of the First Amendment in deep blue sections of California.

Or is it? Election 2016 was a rousing success for Republicans across the country, and even in deep-blue California, Trump did better than Romney in 2012. Where? Oakland—Governor Moonbeam’s stomping ground; Compton, which has not elected a Republican to Congress since the late 1970s.

And Inglewood. Check this article from the Sacramento Bee if you do not believe me. How to explain this? Trump resonated with black voters because of his vocal opposition to illegal immigration, which is eviscerating black communities.

Before arriving at Inglewood High School, the site of the event, I saw a great poster: “Impeach Maxine Waters” at the bus stop. Waters’ head was superimposed on a picture of James Brown’s body—when he was in a police line-up wearing a bathrobe. What can I say? Bill O’Reilly was right about Waters’ hairdo! After lining up for the town hall, the heat and the hate were already turned up. Some of Waters’ most vocal supporters were calling me “Demon-possessed” and “Satanic” because I was protesting. I had signs reading “Muddy Waters” and “Dirty Waters”, and my all-time favorite “Maxine Waters, Go to Hell.” That last one was for her emphatic hatred toward the Tea Party Movement in 2011: “The Tea Party can go straight to hell!”

There’s a long list of other things that should go straight to hell: The EPA, Obamacare, the NSA snooping on law-abiding citizens—and Maxine Waters’ political career.

Before Waters showed up, I had to handle the hate from her die-hard, brainwashed supporters. One lady behind me kept claiming that she was “Eve”, that she could trace her DNA back 50,000 years. She called me a “Neanderthal”, because I have hair on my arms. Yes, Maxine Waters’ supporters are actually crazier than she is! La Raza Nativists now follow me, claiming that white people need to “go back to Europe.” They get funnier and funnier the more that they confront me. It’s time to expose these fools for what they are: overburdened liberals taught to hate everything, since they see themselves as victims who cannot break free.

The Inglewood High School Band brought in the tuck and roll like no other band I’ve seen. They ended up playing for at least an hour and a half. I wondered out loud: “Is Maxine Waters afraid of me? She couldn’t be! She’s not afraid of anybody, right?” Funny. I live-streamed as much as I could, and people all over the world were seeing how insane, abusive, and just plain vile her supporters can be. One man in an all-black suit kept threatening me: “I’m keeping an eye on you!” And I told him the same. I pointed at him repeatedly during the town hall, and he couldn’t do a thing about it.

Finally, Auntie Maxine showed up. Maddening applause filled the auditorium. I booed as loud as I could. Waters was unfashionably late, as usual. What kind of a representative is this? Fire Maxine! That’s what I say! She spoke for the first fifteen minutes about the American Health Care Act—and how Republicans were going to push people out of health care. She actually claimed that pregnancy was a “pre-existing condition.” Being pregnant is a sickness, Maxine? Seriously? Yes, she said that, along with a host of other stupid, false, and incendiary things. Click here to learn more. Are we supposed to sit back and let her lie to us? Not me. I booed, along with other Trump supporters who had joined me.

One La Raza Nativist started yelling at me, though: “Shut up, Nazi! Shut up!” The Inglewood Unified School Police told him to leave—then another officer—Martinez, Badge #232—told me to leave too. That’s the new “fairness” in Democratic districts. “Everyone, leave!”

While I waited to speak with Inglewood PD, I confronted the same crazy liberals who had been following me around in Cudahy, Huntington Park, and even Glendora. Major fail! One of the outspoken Bernie supporters who has been following me for the last year (from Cudahy) tried to batter me about Trump, Obamacare, and everything else. Then he switched, and actually listened.

At least someone was willing to talk.

For the next hour, I kept protesting Mad Maxine and her craziness, along with two other Latinos for Trump. One young Latino, an ROTC cadet at Inglewood, greeted me and shared his support for Trump. “You are the minority here!” I answered back, “I am the minority of the minority!”

Am I glad that I went? Heck yeah! Will I be confronting Dirty Waters and her corrupt career? You bet! Because I am not afraid of anybody. This is a tough game. We can’t be intimidated, we can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned, racist political hacks like Rep. Waters and her cronies can go … well, you know the rest!