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How to Get Liberals to Stop Saying Silly Things Like "Obamacare is Great" and "Trump is a Nazi"

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This story has gotten so old, it’s sad that even conservative media spends time dissecting the insanity of the regressive, retreating left to promote this false narrative.

I was hoping that after Election 2016, the secular, globalist, demonic Left would finally get a hint and go away.

How naïve I was.

President Trump faces the hardest fight yet against every corporate interest dedicated to turning the United States into a second-world placeholder or a third-world hellhole.

How does that phrase go again? “The Left never stops, never rests, never sleeps.”


But Trump supporters are restless, and have no interest in backing down.

For the past two months, I have counter-protested with Los Angeles for Trump along with We the People Rising throughout Southern California. Fascist, race-baiting hate groups have stormed LA streets and arranged protests to shame, stun, or scare of Trump supporters.

But even in Los Angeles County, Republicans for Trump will not be stumped.

In Downtown, mid-February, protests against ICE and in favor of illegal aliens marched throughout Downtown Los Angeles. One of the organizers asked to speak to me. “Why are you here?”

“I support my President, I support his policies, and I want to represent against the negative protests which lie about him.”

Then as soon as I asked him what he was doing there, he told me “You are a racist.”

Normally, people want to get into a war of proofs and logic on this. That is the wrong approach—completely.

Instead, I just asked him to explain: “Why am I racist?”

Because you are racist. Yes, that was his answer.

I didn’t let it stay there, though, so I asked “Are you discriminating against me because I’m white?”

His answer: “Yes.”

Done. His little racist retort has gone viral since then. I am not surprised that another organizer behind him told the liberal, pro-amnesty swarms invading the thoroughfares “Do not interact with the Trump supporters. They only want to get attention. Do not talk to them.”

Since when have protesters taken to the streets and expected not to get any attention? Seriously.

The real reason for the more level-headed protesters to tell the aggressive leftist to be quiet? So that they do not expose to the world how ignorant and just plain foolish they are.

Too late!

Another man reached out to me when Los Angeles for Trump was staking a claim on First and Spring Street. He told me that his parents were immigrants and he does not oppose the ban. He asked me why I was there. After I gave him my set answers, he proceeded to tell me that he opposed President Trump’s wall and the travel ban.

All he could tell me was that he opposed it. When I asked him to explain why he opposed it, he struggled for words, then I moved away.

What is it with these silly liberals? They don’t know what they believe, and they can’t explain why they hate President Trump. Of course, Hollywood liberals have gotten away with saying “I don’t like Reagan, Bush, Trump” etc.

They got away with this middle-school mentality for the past thirty years since the only news media anyone watched was … the Big Three and CNN. Clinton News Network is hitting the skids, and the rest of us our journalists in our right. No one can take that away.

Now I announce the biggest reason I show up to Trump rallies and counter-protest liberal protests:

1. I am tired of the lies.

2. I am sick of the media giving the liars full press while the truth-seekers and tellers get pushed to the margins.

3. I am determined to counter the false narrative with the truth.

Trump supporters cannot disappear, go back to their homes, and pretend like everything is going to flow smoothly from this day forward.

These liberal, pussycat creepy-hat wearing liberals have gotten away with their ignoble temper-tantrums for years, and they had full run of the national playground with Barack Obama in the White House for eight years.

I was a school teacher, I even subbed for a few years. If the full-time teacher was indulgent, I spent the entire day disciplining kids. They weren’t used to someone saying “NO!” to them. Once a group of students understood they weren’t going ot get away with abusive antics in the classroom, they stopped acting up—it wasn’t worth the risk.

Liberals will not stop their Trumper-tantrums until We the People teach them that we will stand our ground and shout them down. We can’t coast on our President to do all the fighting. He will only serve eight years, anyway.

When the left-wing crazies want to take over, we need to hold them accountable for what they say, post, and chant.

At the California Republican Party convention in Sacramento, I confronted a group of pro-Obamacare protesters. They want to save Obamacare? Really?! After about fifteen minutes going back and forth, they stopped shouting, started listening, then went away.

That’s how you do it!

Which leads me to one final anecdote. LA for Trump helps out demonstrations all over Southern California. Last weekend, we joined Ventura County Republicans. One lady had a poster with Donald Trump in a null sign with a swastika in his hair. First I pressed her to explain why Trump is a Nazi. Then I went for the jugular. “Are you telling me that Trump helped exterminate 6 million Jews? Seriously?! Donald Trump has been the most vocal proponent of the state of Israel, and his nominee for ambassador is an Orthodox Jew who rejects the lop-sided Two-State solution.”

For the next 15 minutes, fellow activists with me followed her and demanded that she defend her offensive insinuations. She could not, and she ran away from us.

That’s how you do it! Liberals will say stupid things, but we need to hold them accountable, for as long as Trump is in office, and long after Trump is no longer President.

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