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I have waited for this moment for two years.

US Senator Jeff Sessions has become our chief law enforcement officer. In his own right he will stop illegal immigration and right our country’s national interests in full. Sessions would have been a great Senate Majority Leader.

But Attorney General is just fine.

What a fight it has been. Of course, the Democrats wasted themselves trying to stop Education Secretary/Reformer Betsy DeVos. They could not stall our nation’s top law enforcement officer next.

My pro-immigration enforcement colleagues here in California can’t wait for Attorney General Sessions to get busy.

Since August 2015, we have hammered the Huntington Park, CA City Council, a decrepit region in Southeastern Los Angeles County. In brazen disregard of federal immigration laws, four of the city councilmembers appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions.

At state level, Demagogue Governor Jerry “Barrio” Brown has transformed California into a “sanctuary state” for illegal aliens. Sanctuary cities abound, inviting more crime—including senseless deaths. Kate Steinle was murdered in broad daylight on the San Francisco Pier 14 boardwalk … by a five-time deported illegal … with a stolen firearm.

Her last words? “Daddy, help me!”

Senators Feinstein and Boxer’s last words? None, because they said nothing. They and their shameless Democratic colleagues have politicized our borders, our national security, and our citizenship.

Infuriating beyond belief!

I have witnessed this appalling perversion of our nation’s charitable nature. A list which ranks cities based on quality of life often contains five cities in the LA County as the worst of the worst: high crime, few job opportunities, trash in the streets, rampant corruption. And the dark element binding all of it together?

Illegal immigration.

In California, illegals can vote: it’s possible and very likely. California’s automatic motor-voter law all but assures that illegals seeking driver’s licenses will get a ballot along with their license. Miscreants from any corner of the world can register to vote in California online, too. No vetting, no assurance, no integrity. I don’t care how loudly the SJWs and the loony left-wing donors scream about Hillary’s popular vote victory. Voter fraud in broken inner city hellholes like Detroit and New York City cannot compare with the ballot stuffing throughout the once Golden State.

Besides, four million of us Californians supported Donald Trump, and don’t regret it! And we were honest about it!

This post, this article is a fervent call to action to our new Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

This honor, this opportunity exceeds anything that I can express in 1,000 words or less.

So, let’s make it simple.

AG Sessions, please do the following now:

1. Direct all connected federal departments to cease and suspend all DACA applications. Obama’s executive order is pure folly. No one in this country illegally, regardless of their age, should be getting a free pass for documents and temporary worker status. Show your true independence. 20% of illegals are in California, and this simple directive will have them retreating.

2. Order the seizure or suspension of all federal monies to criminal state and municipal governments which refuse to comply with our federal immigration laws. There are least 40 (and growing) in California—including Huntington Park, despite their constant protesting that they are not a sanctuary city.

3. File a civil rights lawsuits against the Secretary of State Alex Padilla. He is willfully ignoring the evidence of voter fraud in our state. Demand a full stop to the automatic motor-voter law, which is undermining the integrity of California’s voter franchise. While Voter ID requires action from the state or federal legislatures, I believe that the vote of Hispanic and African-American residents has been undermined with the dilution of illegal votes in our state. This is discrimination against legal residents and must be stopped.

4. Issue writs of mandamus against rogue governors, county leaders, and mayors who have doubled-down on their sanctuary city insanity. Why not go one step further? Issue arrest warrants to any elected official who brazenly defies Title 8, Section 1373 of the U.S. Code.

If you need a list to start the process, allow me to assist:

a. Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles.

b. Ed Lee, San Francisco--please, take him away! Do it for Kate Steinle.

c. Hilda Solis, the Mayor of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Lock her up!

d. Bill De Blasio, New York City--this man is just evil, defending the right of illegal aliens to commit crimes in his city without fear of deportation.

e. Rahm Emmanuel, Chicago—this is a crisis you cannot let go to waste, Attorney General! Arrest him NOW!

f. Graciela Ortiz, Karina Macias, Jhonny Pineda, and Marilyn Sanabria, the four corruptitos of Huntington Park, CA.

g. Chris Garcia, former mayor of Cudahy, CA, and his three other corrupt colleagues Cristian Markovich, Baru Sanchez, and Cristian Hernandez.

Put these federal criminals behind bars. Every other rogue politician will shape up and ship out illegal aliens in their jurisdiction, with time and resources to spare.

And if all else fails:

5. Authorize the National Guard to restore order in key California jurisdictions. We need someone to inform the degenerate Democratic supermajority in Sacramento that they cannot hide behind Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder for special legal counsel, or amnesty-pandering newly-appointed Attorney General Xavier Becerra, or his anchor-baby peers Anthony Rendon (Speaker of the State Assembly) and Kevin “Fake ID” De Leon ( the officious State Senate President).

Please do not delay, AG Sessions. California’s Trump-supporting, law-abiding citizens have been crying out for law and order in their state, and for enforcement which will restore justice and peace long overdue.

Does you need any further prodding from us?

Arrest. Convict. Incarcerate, and Deport.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

California is not just on life support, AG Sessions. Let’s cut the crap and tell it like it is. Our state is dead. We need revival, we need life. And for these, we need the restoration of the rule of law in our state.

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