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Qué Verguenza, Marin! (Shame Shame on Rosario!)

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Rosario Marin is a fellow Californian, and a Hispanic female Republican. What more could the California GOP have hoped for?

She served as a councilmember, then mayor in the deep blue, and now deeply corrupt city of Huntington Park, the same city where I continue protesting the appointment of two illegal aliens to city commissions. Sadly, Marin has remained silent about this outrageous travesty, although she has helped campaign for other Hispanic Republicans running for office in California.

She was promoted from Little TJ to Big DC, where she served as George W. Bush’s first Secretary of the Treasury. She returned to California two years later, ran for U.S. Senate to challenge Boxer. Marin was hoping to ride this 2004 wave of GOP resurgence. After all, she just left one high-profile federal position to win another. She later pledged to potential donors that she would solve the California—and the national Republican Party’s—“white male problem.”  She lost the U.S. Senate primary, but Governor Schwarzenegger appointed her to two governing boards. She had a lot going for her as a locally elected official, suddenly vaulted to federal office. Even if she sought statewide office and lost, she had so much to offer her state.

I thought I knew enough about Rosario Marin. But as more is revealed, I now find her worthy of revulsion. Four months ago, having stumped for Jeb Bush, she announced that she would not endorse or support Donald Trump for President.


"Marin says she is too stung by Trump’s rhetoric about Mexico, and about undocumented immigrants, to bring herself to even consider being part of any process that promotes him for president," reports Fox News Latino.

Mexico secures their southern border with big walls and armed military. Why can’t the United States? “Undocumented immigrants.” Excuse me? That insensitive rhetoric is a slap in the face to the millions of legal residents who worked hard, played by the rules, and earned their citizenship. She won’t call those in the country illegally who they really are: illegal aliens. Human beings can be illegal if they enter a country and reside unlawfully. I don’t care if that stings you, Rosario!

“I have been the spokesperson for five presidential Republican campaigns,” Marin told Fox News Latino. “I have attended the previous five Republican national conventions. I’m not going this year, and I am not campaigning for him. I would never, never, ever vote for the little orange man.”

How very petty of her. Men and women of diverse ethnic backgrounds support Donald Trump. They will move on without you!

Now she announces that she will vote for the sick, little white woman in a crappy pantsuit:

"So, for me to consider the unthinkable—to vote for a Democrat—has been a profound soul searching process. Leaders are tested time and time again and so, I will stand up for my community against the menace of a tyrannical presidency that does not value the countless contributions of immigrants across its beautiful and bountiful history."

How can anyone voting for Hillary Clinton claim to engage in soul-searching? Or claim to have a soul, especially if she is a Republican? Rosario Marin has lost her senses and integrity.  

“My people—My community,” Marin claims to speak for all Hispanics. Such rhetoric is particularly annoying, and often heard from Hispanic liberals.  

This Hispanic-American—AND Trump supporter--blasted the Anaheim City Council for a motion of censure against Trump.

This Mexican-American is voting for Donald Trump.

Here’s another. And many more. Here’s many more.

Mexican-American Francisco Rivera has shared his story many times. Hey, Rosario, he’s a Huntington Park resident voting for Donald Trump. You really don’t know what “your people” want, do you?!

Marin’s presumptuous mind-reading is more than short-sighted or prejudiced. It’s endemic of the Democratic-Republican Establishment mentality that has corroded our government, has so sickened the American public.

Yet for Marin, her answer is “No me importa.”

"I have disagreed with and criticized Hillary Clinton’s positions, but I have come to the conclusion that she would be a far better president than the Republican candidate could ever be."

Does she use Twitter? Social media? Anything? Hispanics routinely pillory Hillary’s hispandering, i.e. “How Hillary is like your Abuela.” Seriously? Last time I checked, grandmothers don’t take big checks from terrorist nations.

Forget the “white male problem,” let’s talk about the Democrat-Republican political Establishment problem.

And Marin is the symbol of it.

She was a Bush operative. Believe me, after eight years of Obama, I would vote for W. again. But I do not miss his policies of poorly planned military ventures, bailouts for big banks, budget-busting appropriations. Bush also wanted amnesty, but the American people wanted a secure border and the rule of law. They still do.

Political elites like Marin, regardless of their skin color, just do not get it. And that’s plenty evident in Marin’s offensive, abusive, and shameful decision to vote for … Hillary Clinton?! Was she paying attention to the California news cycle during the last weeks of May into the June Primary? Hispanic activists all over the Southern California confronted her in East Los Angeles, slamming her Wall Street contacts, shaming her Establishment credentials and utter lack of integrity and credibility. I still vividly remember that sign “Deport Her.” Hispanic Democrats, largely in the tank for Bernie Sanders, openly despise Clinton. They cannot stand her.

And now this Hispanic female Republican is with her?

Marin had fought to lead the GOP fight to recover and expand Republican outreach to Hispanic communities.

Now, in a disturbing and disappointing turn, she is voting for Hillary Clinton.

I am really not sure how this helps her people—and by “people,” I mean the American People.

Last year, We the People Rising chased down the corrupt Efren Martinez, the “puppet master” of Huntington Park. All of us shouted as he fled to his jeep: “Shame, shame on Martinez!”

Today, I echo the same for RINO Marin:

Shame, shame on Rosario!

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