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The Anti-Democratic Party’s Demise

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The Republican Party is dead.

Haven’t you heard? From the blogs on the right to the mainstream media fright, the GOP has become so old and out of touch, that one has to wonder if it will last.

Yes, I am laughing.

This coming from the guy who lined up behind just about every presidential candidate except the presumptive nominee.

Perhaps a Trump candidacy was just what the Republican Party needed. Yes, the Big Business power-brokers, begging for amnesty and corporate welfare, needed to be kicked out. Most of them, with Jeb! as their leader, won’t be attending the next RNC convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

So what?

But the 40% of conservatives in this country needed to awaken out of their ideological slumbers. The echo chamber in off-year elections was turning into a circular firing squad when the most conservative presidential candidate did not win the nomination.

It’s not enough to win the argument. You have to win the vote.

As for the Democratic Party, they are dying. They certainly do not live up to their namesake.

The hard-cord liberals, and the pundits on both extremes of the political spectrum, look at the GOP and ask: “The Manhattan Reality Show Rodeo Clown? Really?!”

Then I take one look at who’s carrying (or rather running over) the Democratic Party banner, and I breathe a sigh of relief.

What do Democrats have? An about-to-be-indicted former first lady, and a wizened (and unwise) socialist. Sanders repeats himself so much about “the rich get richer; the poor get poorer” that one would think he has a severe mental defect. The old fart (the male one) preaches the wonder of a political and economic ideology in steep decline throughout the first, and even third world. If you haven’t notice, Venezuelans are eating stray animals and rioting over chronic food and resource shortages.

Not for me and not in America.

The Democratic Party primary has gotten tighter and nastier. Hillary Clinton had hoped to hear the last about “those damned emails” when Sanders shook her hand during the first debate. The Vermont Septuagenarian is clinging to Hillary’s lead. Without the superdelegates, Clinton would appear neck-and-neck with her one-time senatorial colleague.

And about the superdelegates, nothing says undemocratic like lining up hundreds of delegates behind one candidate before the hoi polloi get to vote. Unreal. The Democratic Party has become the epitome of the Anti-Democratic.

Why not just dispense with Democratic primaries, caucuses, and conventions?

In California, Republicans are quietly coalescing their hold onto unprecedented victories in 2014 and will likely gain more in the future. The Democrats are bracing for an all-out brawl. Three major Hillary and/or Bernie rallies have swarmed the Los Angeles area in the last two months. At one Hillary event, I got nothing but blank stares or nasty slurs from her supporters—and none of them could tell me why they are voting for her.

The liberals are in disarray across the country, even in California, where Dem-on-Dem fights for state and federal offices will eat away at their dwindling campaign coffers.

Democrats can’t seem to hold onto local or statewide office, anyway (Louisiana does not count, since GOP in-fighting did not stop conservatives from sweeping every other office in the state). Republican governors in deep blue states like Illinois and Massachusetts prove that working-class Democrats—of all colors—are fed up with the Donkey Party and packing in with the Pachyderms.

Of course, the Democratic Party’s endemic corruption spilled out from day one.

Six county caucuses in the Hawkeye State were settled with the flip of a (two-faced) coin, and Clinton somehow won each. Sanders then stomped all over Clinton in New Hampshire and Vermont (New England liberals want Bernie), and his slow march has pressed on from one primary to the next. While Republican activists have had their fill with a K Street Establishment out to enrich themselves and pushed back across the board, Democratic voters are not showing up, or showing outright disdain. Just a few weeks ago, 25% of West Virginia Democrats signaled their disgust with the Clintons and are ready to vote for Trump if Bernie Sanders doesn’t win the party nomination.

Democrats don’t want their party anymore! In Torrance, CA, Democrats by-and-large are voting Republican from the top of the ticket on down!

And the last uproar exposing the Democratic Party’s internal demise? The Nevada Democratic Party convention, where “Hookers for Hillary” proudly pimped their support for the former Secretary of State, and where Clinton had hoped to take away the store with another 52% victory? Sanders’ surrogates crowded the convention floor, then booed the party leadership for underhanded tricks to deprive their man of key delegates. When US Senator Barbara Boxer (one of mine, sadly, and what is she doing there, anyway?) spoke at the podium, the heckling and cat-calls exploded. How did I learn about this? The Connecticut Republican Party Twitter feed! Republicans are mastering the social media game, while Democrats are trying to replicate the Obama-rama. They should call their next PAC “Organizing for In-Action.”

I loved every minute of Boxer getting boxed in. Batty Babs could boast: “I’m from New York, and I can stand up to bullies!” Of course, she missed the irony, as the Democratic operatives were bullying past the legally qualified attendees who wanted Bernie. To quell the uproar, the Nevada Democratic Chairwoman ignored a number of motions on the floor, then illegally adjourned the meeting.

From Iowa to today, concerted partisans and concerned activists have stepped up, fed up with the Democratic Party establishment. The current chairman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (herself facing a stiff primary challenger), faces party members now calling for her ouster. Insiders under the radar claim that Schultz is deliberately discouraging Sanders’ chances. Wow!

The Big Three won’t report on it—ABC, CBS, NBC—but most viewers aren’t watching them anymore, anyway. Here’s the truth: The anti-democratic brand is going DOA, and fast.

The Democratic Party--Born: 1801. Died: 2016.

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