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A Happy New Year for We The People Rising

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Year 2015 may have seemed somewhat disappointing to concerned conservatives. Yes, Barack Obama still occupied the White House. Yes, the Republican leadership in Washington failed time and again to stand up and say “Stop!” to a rogue executive and an extrajudicial Supreme Court. 

Yet for conservatives fighting at the local and the state level, the victories continue to mount. Year 2015 was a year of restoration. We need to relearn and revamp our liberty. We the People needed to reassert the power granted to us by God, and enshrined in our Constitution. “To secure the blessings of liberty” was not a trite afterthought of the Framers, people, regardless of what the progressive left may comment.

In California, Republicans are finally making headway with minority groups, and today boast a larger percentage of diverse representation in the state legislature than the dominant Democrats. My assemblyman got a school choice bill passed in a state where the California Teachers Association pulls all the strings. 

Unlike seven years ago, California Republican legislators held together and said “No!” to all tax, fee, and spending increases in Sacramento. Think what they can do with a real Republican governor in the state house two years from now (Yes, I can dream, and believe that we Golden State conservatives will get somewhere better than “Total Recall” clone like Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2018.)

Throughout the country, Republicans have not only taken over state houses, but have taken back state sovereignty piece by piece from the rogue federal government and the lackadaisical Congress.

In Maine, Governor Paul LePage and his conservative peers took over the state senate, and then forced Democrats to cave on welfare reform and expansion of the Second Amendment. Le Page declared: “Forget concealed carry. Let’s talk about constitutional carry, with ‘shall issue’ affirming ‘Shall not be infringed.’”

Despite the thread-bare liberal supermajority staring him down in Springfield, Illinois, Republican Governor Bruce Rauner (steering clear of the corruption of his prior Republican peers) has held his ground, not afraid to shutdowns and supposed budgeting “chaos.” The people love this guy, and Democrats machines are breaking apart throughout the Land of Lincoln.

In Maryland, the Merryland of Republican resurgence, my favorite Governor Larry Hogan has proven the resilience of a strong grassroots community focusing on issues which matter to everyone. A team player who wants to expand the conservative brand, force government to serve the people rather than the other way around, Hogan has cut taxes, spending, tolls, fees, and rolled back the disasters of “Madman” Martin O’Malley’s eight year tenure

In Kentucky, one of the last Democratic bastions in the South, a Republican won the governorship, a Tea Party favorite who lost to “Ditch” Mitch McConnell. He has issued orders reversing the perverse policies of his Democratic predecessor. Kim Davis is free to practice her faith and keep her job, and “gay marriage” licenses no longer carry her signature. Obamacare is going, going, gone in the Bluegrass State. Expect to see a winning conservative template for future victories in this state. How do I know? More Democratic state legislators are bolting to join the Kentucky GOP!

In Texas, pastors, churches, businesses, and concerned citizens in general fed up with progressive moral insanity, beat down the mainstream media, the illiberal chattering political classes, and an openly lesbian mayor insistent on pushing her own world view. A non-discriminatory ordinance for Houston, Texas, which would have allowed men into women’s bathrooms, was soundly, roundly defeated. Indeed, a win for the pro-family, pro-liberty, and pro-life cause despite rogue Supreme Court rulings and unfounded executive orders. Texas enjoyed one of the most conservative and effective legislative sessions in its history, including enactment of open carry. What conservative cannot like Governor Greg Abbott, who won more of the Hispanic vote on a pro-secure border platform, and has undercurrent the numerous, illegal action of the Occupant in the White House. 

Will Abbot run for President someday? He has my vote!

Friends of mine in Rhode Island, where they lost the governor’s seat because of an unserious spoiler, have rallied citizens across the Ocean State to stop tolls and prevent another gun-grab from a lopsided Democratic hyper-majority. The fight is still on, but they have refused to cave or concede defeat

We the People are rising throughout the country, remembering the first three words of our beloved charter, and the final authority and responsibilities for our government at the end of the oft-neglected Tenth Amendment: “To the people.”

Which brings me back to my family from another bloodline: We the People Rising.

For the past six months, I have shared off and on about this California-based activist group of concerned, conservative citizens. We had a pretty effective 2015, too.

From August the 17th until the present day, we have protested the unethical, immoral, and patently illegal actions of the Huntington Park, CA City Council. Four of the five members decided to make history by appointing two illegal aliens to city commissions. We are making history, proving that the American Dream, the ideal of the United States, where natural rights trump political expediency, and individual tyranny trumps government bullying. The city council has tried to stifle our speech, and we fought back through legal means, and won. They tried to scare us away with loud protesters and corrupted political ploys, but we have won.

Now the Huntington Park City Council has begun holding special sessions meetings with little notice, and canceling the regularly scheduling meetings. But we have remained undeterred.

Readers all over the country are rallying to our cause. We the People Rising have also pressured California lawmakers, Republican and Democrat, state and federal, to put Americans first, and honor their oath of office. (Check out when We the People Rising confronted Congressman Steve Knight, and then freshman Democrat Peter Aguilar).

The last week of Christmas, We the People celebrated a fruitful, successful year, and we have nothing but hope for the future. Stay tuned!

Happy New Year, Townhall Conservatives! God Bless Us, everyone!

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