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2017: The Beginning of the American Turn Around

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If you were to ask me in 2016 what 2017 would be like, I’m not certain that I could have provided a clear and concise answer. 2017 was the year that the elite and pundit class got it so wrong and it all started with the candidate and ultimate election of President Donald Trump. Voters overwhelmingly rejected Hillary Clinton in the places that it mattered most and in an upset that surprised the political class, she lost in places that were previously solidly Democratic. Since his election, President Trump has become the constant target of the mainstream media and liberal elites. From celebrities attacking his family, including his youngest son Baron, to Kathy Lee Gifford holding a decapitated head of our Commander in Chief. Our nation has never seen vitriol at this level with any president before Trump, but despite it, Trump has continued to move forward with his agenda of ‘Making America Great Again.’


However, things were rocky for the president. Starting off with Executive Order 13769 commonly known as the “Muslim ban” or “travel ban” that experienced multiple setbacks by various courts. Despite the continued setbacks, the President persisted and it would ultimately pay off as the Supreme Court would later vindicate  the president by agreeing that he has the legal rights to impose such standards. The president continued to signal that national security and border security was a priority for his administration by ending the Obama-era “catch and release” of illegal immigrants, which resulted into violent illegal immigrants being released back onto American streets. We also saw an increase in resources to tackle gang violence by illegals, which resulted in 36 percent more criminal gang members being arrested than in fiscal 2016. It has been a drastic change from the previous 8 years where illegal immigration was rampant.

Jobs and the Economy

 The economy is growing at its fastest pace in more than two years and with the recent $1.5 trillion tax overhaul, many suspect things will only get better going into 2018. Think about it, when taxes go down for American corporations, the American economy reaps direct benefits. The net result will be positive because having the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world has hurt the economy and slowed job growth. The concept is simple: when taxes go down for the American people, our citizens reap direct benefits. This year, Republicans have finally delivered on a two decades old promise of reforming our outdated tax system to a system that restores consumer confidence and fosters a pro-growth economy. Unemployment rates remain at a 17-year low, which helps all Americans, particularly often forgotten poor whites and minorities.

 With the increased growth, the administration has also focused on other areas that have slowed growth, such as job-stifling regulations. As a growing small business owner, we can tell you first hand that small businesses are over-regulated. With small business representing 49.2 percent of private sector jobs according to the SBA, government should deregulate industry to allow small business to keep more money to expand or hire new employees. President Trump signed an executive order that would remove two regulations for every one that’s created, effectively ending the mountain of duplicity that’s often found reeking from the government. Thus far, $8.1 billion has been saved as a result.


American goods are now worth more today than they were a year ago. With the opening of NAFTA, we’re able to make better deals that will benefit American companies and workers. We’re also seeing major corporations come back to the U.S. such as Foxconn, Broadcom Limited, Toyota, Mazda, and others. If you’re a farmer, you’re going to get a better deal for your corn and wheat when it’s traded to places such as China or Japan. If you’re in the manufacturing space, you’re going to see our goods have more of a priority, which allows business to make more money that can be used to increase wages for employees and hire new workers. There’s an undeniable chain effect that such changes will impact where the results are positive for goods made in America.  Our enhanced trade practices should become a norm for American workers that will have tremendous benefit and so will the economy.


 Despite the negative feedback of his detractors, President Trump has delivered on many of his promises and the net results have been overwhelmingly positive for the American people. He has passionately promoted and staunchly defended his agenda and despite the overwhelmingly negative pushback by Democrats in Congress , the mainstream media and the liberal elite, he has remained steadfast, honest, and true.

 The size of government is shrinking, companies are keeping more of their profit, which benefits workers, and we are seeing our competitive edge return after years of the belief that because of our prosperity we are obliged to allow others to take advantage of it. Those days have finally coming to a screeching halt and we all will benefit from it.

 Is there more work to be done? Of course, there is. Is the president im perfect? Absolutely! Could he improve in several areas? Yes. However, we all continue grow and mature from our experience, so as our country improves, we should pray that our leaders do the same. This is only the beginning of the American turn around, a recipe that puts America First and place us as that shining city on that Hill again.

 Mr. Williams is Manager / Sole Owner of Howard Stirk Holdings I & II Broadcast Television Stations and the 2016 Multicultural Media Broadcast Owner of the year.
Listen to Mr. Williams on Sirius XM126 Urban View nightly 6:00-8:00pm EST.
Follow me on Twitter @arightside

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