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Big Tech’s Assault on American Democracy

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As we enter the final stretch of the most important election in a generation, maybe ever, we are seeing the integrity of our political process being destroyed by the liberal Big Tech Elite.

Imagine now you’re at the Super Bowl, we’re deep into the fourth quarter and your team trails by four points. It’s fourth and goal, your quarterback is about to call the game-defining play when suddenly some geeky guy walks on the field and takes the football away.

Now imagine you’re at the World Series, it’s the bottom of the ninth in game seven and the score is tied. Your best batter walks to the plate and eyes up hitting the winning run when suddenly the same geeky guy walks out and takes his bat away.

This may seem far-fetched, but this is exactly what is happening to Republican political candidates with Facebook banning political advertising for the final week of the campaign. This means that candidates and their campaigns will be unable to reach voters via this platform in the critical window before they cast their ballot.

Sadly, this move will affect Republicans much more severely than it will Democrats as all public polling shows that most Democrats have already voted while most Republicans will be voting during these final days of Early Voting or on Election Day.  Simply put, this ban on political advertising is a thinly veiled attempt by Facebook to suppress the Republican vote by prohibiting Republican campaigns and the Republican Party from reaching their infrequent voters with Get Out The Vote ads during the time when they would be most effective.

This latest action from Facebook is only part of a disturbing pattern of behaviour from the Silicon Valley big tech liberal elite who are repeatedly censoring and silencing conservative candidates and campaigns. It is becoming increasingly obvious that they, along with their friends in the mainstream media and Democratic Party, are simply frightened of the truth because the truth hurts them.

Twitter has banned political advertising, deleted tweets, and blocked accounts while Facebook has deleted accounts, denied conservative ads for no reason, and made themselves the self-appointed judge of what constitutes veracity.

The most egregious examples of this behaviour are the continuing attempts to cover up the shady business dealings and conduct of Hunter Biden. Would Facebook et al have expended so much energy on this if it had been a relative of the president? Not a chance. It would have been the No. 1 trending topic on all social media platforms for days.

Twitter even had the audacity to block the account of the White House Press Secretary at a key moment in the election campaign. That is outrageous and unacceptable behaviour.

It is no surprise that individuals from these liberal big tech firms have been major contributors to the Biden campaign. Unfortunately, it is abundantly clear that these people have more money than sense.

The attempts by the big tech liberal elite to censor candidates debase and poison the entire political process. If you don’t agree with them, they want to silence you. That’s not how democracy works, unfettered communication with the voters is a pillar of democracy.

The actions of big tech are not only anti-democratic, they are un-American. The freedom of speech rights enshrined in the First Amendment are part of the fabric of our nation. This censorship is not just an attack on conservatives, it is an attack on America itself. It is just as well that these whining liberals weren’t around in the 1770s as I imagine they’d have tried to censor the Declaration of Independence out of existence.

Fortunately, alternatives for reaching the electorate now exist. My own company, and other conservative organizations, have emerged to give conservative candidates and causes the ability to fight back. Now we can begin to show Big Tech that they can’t stop us.

It has been suggested that Facebook may be about to walk away from political advertising altogether. Given the bias, censorship, and unreliability that they have exhibited during this electoral cycle, it has to be asked: would they really be missed?

Andy Yates is the founder of He is an expert on the use of technology in election campaigns. His knowledge, experience and witnessing the increasing social media censorship in politics led him to found, the new free speech platform that is leading the fight back against this censorship.

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