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Remembering AMAC’s Dan Weber

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A lot of attention has been given recently to conservative icon and venerable syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh and his advanced lung cancer diagnosis. President Trump rightfully honored him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom during last week’s State of the Union address.

Unfortunately, America received more sad news last week. Dan Weber, veteran, husband, father, grandfather, entrepreneur, visionary and giant in the conservative movement, passed away last Monday evening. You say you haven’t heard of Dan Weber? Please let me enlighten you.

Dan Weber was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up no stranger to hard work. He began delivering newspapers at age 12 and at age 16, launched his first successful business venture, a lawn cutting service.

After high school, and after enduring the loss of his beloved mother, Dan served America honorably for four years in the Air Force. During his time serving, he married his high school sweetheart, Judy, and started a family.

After his discharge from the Air Force, Dan picked up a bag and went to work in the insurance industry, eventually founding his own very successful agency. Dan would tell me that the secret to success is simple: Work half a day, six days a week. He did work that schedule, although the half-days he was referring to weren’t eight hour “work” days, he literally worked 12-hour days, six days a week to provide for his family with his devoted wife at his side.

Dan eventually retired and joined AARP only to discover that the organization didn’t suit his values and beliefs. He searched for another organization to join and discovered that there was no substantive alternative.

So, Dan being Dan, he launched AMAC – Association of Mature American Citizens for Americans concerned with the spread of big government and its intrusion into our daily lives, the erosion of personal liberties and disregard for the Constitution, a document Dan believed to be the greatest ever conceived by mankind. Dan envisioned AMAC to be a right-of-center, member-driven organization with an unwavering focus on the best interests of its membership. He also believed Americans who are age 50-plus deserved to have better representation for their concerns in Washington, D.C.

From very humble beginnings in 2007, AMAC has grown into a membership of over 2 million people residing in every state of the country. AMAC’s common-sense, free-market approach to the problems facing the country has resonated with Americans who are looking for an organization that holds their values of faith, family and freedom in the same high regard as they do.

It is no surprise that AMAC is experiencing a surge in membership in this current political climate. Dan Weber would be proud that his idea for an alternative organization for America’s seniors has grown into a viable competitor to the so-called status quo. He can rest in peace knowing that in addition to his loving family, he leaves behind a committed team bestowed with the honor of continuing his vision and perpetuating his legacy, and a thriving organization with a like-minded membership that expands by thousands each month.

Dan Weber was an American success story and pillar in the conservative movement. It is only fitting that his name be mentioned with other stalwarts in the movement, like Rush Limbaugh’s.

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