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Expect Hillary and Barack to Fight Past Feb 5

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Pollster Scott Rasmussen thinks the fight between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination will extend past “Super Tuesday” February 5.

“I would be surprised” if Clinton or Obama locked up enough delegates to secure a nomination said Rasmussen in a phone call with Townhall today.

“Obama has all kinds of momentum,” Rasmussen said. He said his 4-day tracking polls have shown Obama “dead even” with Clinton since former North Carolina Senator John Edwards dropped his bid for the nomination. “The Edwards people are overwhelmingly going to Obama,” he said.

Rasmussen said it was important to remember that the Democratic National Party did not make states “winner take all” like the Republicans did, so “if he [Obama] narrowly loses California he’ll still get a lot of delegates and as long as he does that he’ll be competitive.”

And, Rasmussen added there’s “evidence the Democratic establishment is unhappy with the Clinton campaign.”

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