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During the 2020 election cycle, Joe Biden made the abhorrent claim that being Black was contingent upon voting for him. He infamously asserted, "if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black." Doggone, what shall I list as my ethnicity on my ATF Form 4473 the next time I go to purchase a firearm, as a law-abiding citizen? 


The new line of attack for the progressive socialist left in America is to denigrate anyone and everything as racist. It is what we are witnessing as cultural Marxism manifests in absurdities such as critical race theory and equity programs. To the left, it is simple, divide America into two categories, oppressors and oppressed. 

And yes, this is real, as I witnessed when I spoke at the University of Buffalo and watched radical, militant Black students refer to whites at the event as "oppressors." And you may recall that they called California candidate for governor, Larry Elder, "the Black face of white supremacy."

Remember the kerfuffle over the Georgia election law; how they deemed it Jim Crow 2.0? Woke corporations such as Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and Major League Baseball joined in on the false refrain of voter suppression. Major League Baseball even punished Atlanta by moving the All-Star game, which was supposed to be a tribute to Hank Aaron, from the city with a majority Black population to Denver. The organization of which I am executive director filed a hard-hitting amicus brief in a lawsuit against Major League Baseball, led by our founding chairman former Attorney General Edwin Meese III who stated in the brief

“It is especially unfortunate that opposition to Georgia’s SB 202 is being driven by Major League Baseball (Defendants), given that they are a for-profit business that has nothing to do with elections. Defendants are part of the sports entertainment industry, whose foremost concern should be the financial success of their business. Wading into this political and legal controversy—and taking the incorrect side of the legal dispute—does not advance that corporate mission. Not only does Defendants’ involvement here hurt their business, it also potentially violates their legal obligations to their stakeholders by dividing the business’s customer base. Moreover, it hurts the very community Defendants claim to be supporting: the majority-black population and business community of Atlanta.”


As it turns out, the claim that the legislation was an attempt at voter suppression was patently false. Georgia is witnessing a record turnout in the early voting for their primary election which occurs this Tuesday. 

The other prevailing issue facing America is the pending SCOTUS decision on Roe v. Wade. And once again, the leftist angle is that there is underlying racism in not allowing the murder of unborn babies. Actually, this issue is deeply rooted in racism, advocated for and supported by the Democrat Party. Since the flawed Roe decision, we have seen over twenty million Black babies murdered in the womb. 

This is part of the deranged and genocidal goal of one true white supremacist and racist, Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger. Here is a woman who referred to Black people as undesirables and human weeds, and her writings expressly promote forced sterilization and termination of babies to curtail the spread of disease. The preponderance of Planned Parenthood "clinics" are located in Black communities, yet this is never addressed by the Marxist organization inappropriately named "Black Lives Matter."

I humbly ask white America to stop falling for this massive guilt tripping. Perhaps more people should read Shelby Steele's book, "White Guilt" or Jason Riley's "Please Stop Helping Us." If white Americans continue to retreat when leftists falsely disparage them as racists, then leftists will continue castigating anything and anyone as racist in America. The real purpose is to make those who disagree with leftism uncomfortable in disagreeing.


If you believe that welfare should be reformed (legislation signed by Bill Clinton) you're a racist. After all, paying people not to work is the embodiment of economic enslavement. Remember, there are two ways to enslave individuals -- work them for no pay or pay them for no work.

Both of these tactics have been employed by the political party of systemic racism, the Democrats, to the detriment and demise of the Black community. And I have not even mentioned in depth the destruction of the traditional nuclear family in the Black community…destruction supported by BLM. 

America, we can no longer be held captive to these purveyors of systemic racism. We can no longer allow them to dictate the narrative in America based upon their thirst for power and control enabled by dividing our Nation. Let me reiterate, as I did at the University of Buffalo, America is not a racist Nation. The only people who have embraced this scourge and continue to speak of it is the party of the jackass.

Not wanting to be a jackass is not racist, it’s smart.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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