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If you are a student of history, you will recognize the title of this missive. If you are not, let me explain. After the successful landings in Normandy the Allies began pushing through the hedgerows and set their sights on crossings into Germany. One of the plans, offered by British General Montgomery, was to spearhead a combined airborne and ground assault through the Netherlands and cross the Rhine River into northern Germany. The operation was to be called Market (Airborne) Garden (Ground). It was to be the largest airborne operation ever known and it pulled together US and British Airborne forces who were to seize critical bridges along a singular route enabling the British Armored XXX Corps to push through.


The problem with the plan was that it was timing-based, and delay could prove catastrophic. The British Airborne was dropped at the farthest bridge crossing, Arnhem. The Americans had to seize the bridge crossing at Eindhoven and Nijmegen, where delays occurred. The Allies successfully penetrated some 60 miles into German-held territory, but in the end, were not able to reach the British Airborne forces at Arnhem...they had to surrender.

The operation took place from 17-25 September 1944 with the hopes of ending World War II in the European theater by Christmas. The Germans would end up launching a last-ditch counter-offensive in December 1944 and it would be known as the Battle of the Bulge.

How does this relate to the Democrat Socialist party in America?

The progressive socialist left has gone not just one, but several bridges too far in just these past 16 months. They have sought to advance along a singular avenue of approach into the heart of America and are now facing a strategic demise.

There can be no doubt that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris represent the most incompetent duo that this Nation has possibly ever seen. Of course, to leftists, all is just well, but they cannot hide this facade for too much longer. The left's decision to end our energy independence and force Americans to their economic knees to accept their Green New Deal fallacy is failing. America was not too long ago a net exporter of energy resources.


Along those lines, the astronomical rise in inflation, a 40-year high, is curtailing economic independence for many Americans. Realize that inflation and the rise in energy prices are hidden taxation on Americans.

The scourge of illegal immigration that America is facing is another bridge that the left has sought to cross to their demise. The Biden administration is in violation of the US Constitution, Article IV, Section 4, and have forced the American people to deal with a drug, human, and sex trafficking crisis. As well, Republican border Governors are not stepping up to deal with this as an invasion and invoke Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 of the Constitution.

The unconstitutional mandates and edicts related to the Covid issue have also exposed the left as crisis tyrants. Their apoplectic rage that greeted the federal Judge Mizelle's ruling clearly indicates that the progressive socialist left cares little about individual liberty, and freedom.

The left's insidious response to any criticism of their failures is to denigrate their critics as racist. Yes, that includes minority conservatives who have escaped their economic plantation and wish not to return. Disparaging monikers as "black face of white supremacy" are not winning anyone to their ideological agenda. The whole rhetoric about unity is truly empty, the goal being conformity.

But, the Arnhem bridge scenario for the Left in America is two-fold. The ultimate bridge too far was the targeting of American children for their socialist, Marxist indoctrination. The only positive aspect of Covid, a virus with a 99.6% recovery rate, was parents being locked in the home with their children. We finally witnessed what was happening in our schools. It had been widely suspected, but it was not confirmed. Cultural Marxism has no place in our schools, along with the sexual grooming of our children. However, the left responded by demeaning parents and even seeking to designate them as domestic terrorists, while at least 40 known terrorists crossed our border illegally last year. Americans do not want to see their children targeted by the progressive socialist left, and Disney affirmed their true nature, and intention.


The other devastating part of the demise of the Democrats is their totalitarian, tyrannical nature when it comes to squelching any dissenting thought, perspective, opinions, and assessment. The fact that the left wants to establish a Disinformation Board in the Department of Homeland Security is highly disturbing. And that is true especially when you consider the Secretary of Homeland Defense's assertion that the southern border is being well managed.

The left in America has gone too far, but will constitutional conservatives rise to the occasion and crush them at the ballot box? The Republican party must realize that this is not the time for bipartisanship, compromise, or any other forms of weakness. This is the time to resoundingly defeat leftism in America. As Reagan would say, no more pretty pastels, but rather paint in bold colors.

And that is why next month the American Constitutional Rights Union Action Fund will unveil a 10-point Conservative Contract with America. It is a focused plan to begin the unwinding of the progressive socialist leftist ideological agenda. Attacking our children and our freedom of speech is a bridge too far. We must ensure a price is paid for this Soviet-style tyranny.

Steadfast and Loyal!

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