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Why Hillary Won’t Be Indicted

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On stage at the Democratic presidential debate, all three candidates scoffed at the idea that Hillary might be indicted for destroying evidence of wrongdoing while she was secretary of state. They bolstered each other, expressed dismay that they even had to address the topic of “the emails,” pivoted, changed the subject, and it was obvious from audience reaction that their side of the country was done with all 30,000 smoking guns. Unfortunately for them, the FBI investigation is not done.


Even a cursory glance at statutes Hillary might have violated by deliberately wiping out so many records shows a far darker tale, her 11 hours of congressional testimony exacerbates it because the inconsistencies don’t bode well for her, and the emails revealed so far look very bad. Go Google “laws Hillary broke,” the legwork has been done for you, it’s serious, not make-believe.

But she’ll end up OK, even though so many people want justice. Why?

1. Because She’s Guilty.

And guilt has nothing to do with it any longer. This is America, and rule of law no longer rules here, sorry. Look—you don’t even need to be constitutionally eligible to run for president under Article II to run—no one vets candidates for the office (I’ll write about that soon). Hillary has been caught red-handed. It doesn’t matter to her supporters, and her detractors don’t count to the “news” media. Her team controls the mainstream sycophant media, they set the narrative, that’s what controls. Guilt? You must be a dreamer.

2. Because She’s Running For President.

And the Democrats have no bench. If Hillary is taken out (of the game, that is), the Democrats have no one. As appealing as Bernie Sanders might be to the fringy loudmouths who yell out to him, America is just not going to put a socialist in the White House. Yet. O’Malley is milquetoast and Gore isn’t batting. The Clintons have managed to quash any serious opposition, maintaining a one-party state within their monolithic party, so it’s Hillary or the highway. She’s unindictable.


3. Because Her Party Rules The Roost.

The so-called Justice Department won’t indict Hillary without Obama’s permission, that’s just the way it works. The attorney general works for Obama, and can exercise discretion in who it charges. “In the halls of justice the only justice is in the halls.” (–Lenny Bruce). With a ruthless, rule-less president who rules with a phone and a pen, violating law with impunity, even with intense hatred of the Clintons, he won’t throw the election to the Republicans.

4. Because There Are Fall Guys.

Like the movie National Treasure pointed out, someone has to go to jail, and will. And it won’t be Hill. Do I really have to spell this out? The people who sent her classified material. The people who received her classified emails. The people who actually hit delete—whether they did or not—and when they get out they’ll suffer in villas in the Swiss Alps and apartments in Manhattan, with their kids in the best schools, all expenses paid by the Clinton Foundation, it’s just business. A few might even get the silver-or-lead options Mexican cartels favor—live rich or die. Just ask Vince Foster who committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Twice.

5. Because her indictment will be as accurate as the Muslim video blamed for the Benghazi jihad murders.

Even after three brand-new physical pieces of evidence unequivocally debunked Hillary’s bald-face lies about the jihad attacks, which Hillary told for weeks after Benghazi, the media continued to tell the lies after the congressional hearings (“No Smoking Gun” –USA Today, it was appalling). They have no honor. No ethics. I watched Dana Bash of CNN say it was just some note to her daughter, and omit mention of the revealed emails Hillary sent to the leaders of Egypt and Libya saying it was a terrorist attack. Media just champions its champion, facts be damned. This is what ’Merica is up against. Have a nice day. The revolution will not be televised.


6. Because Obama will pardon her instantly if the FBI slips up and does indict her.

It’s likely the FBI will find she is good for trial, with high likelihood of conviction (the guideline prosecutors are supposed to use in deciding to bring charges). There’s no sense in pursuing cases with weak evidence, vague law, jury resistance, that’s not the deal here. But they might quash it for pure political reasons. If that leaked out the Justice (“Just us”) Dept. will be humiliated, and that would never do. So Justice can indict to save face, and Obama will simply pardon. No problem. Conservatives (and everyone with brains) know BHO is lawless but we’ll be powerless. And the left wing will have their beliefs confirmed—Obama is the greatest president who ever lived, and there’s proof. He did the right thing regardless.

7. Because the statutes are crystalline.

The laws could not be more precise. So Hillary, Billary and the talking heads in the lamestream will make it clear that black is white and so she is cleared. Just like her written admissions of guilt in the Benghazi emails. “Little if any new information.” (L.A. Times). “Little was gleaned... providing little insight.” (NBC News). I did not ‘know’ that woman. What’s your definition of is. I did not inhale. Do you mean, did I wipe it with a cloth? Of course we in the media thoroughly vetted Obama.


8. Because “officials” have to want to get you.

If they do, you could be innocent but they could crucify you, and skate, which happens a lot. If they don’t want to get you, anyone could walk. Happens all the time. The facts of a case hardly matter. Plan A: Federal agents beat a handcuffed, submissive suspect and electro-shock the poor guy until he dies, caught on multiple video tapes. Five years later, all agents are acquitted. Just happened. The Justice Dept. did not want to convict. Done deal. Same with Hillary. Plan B: John McCain goes through Senate grilling to see if he’s eligible to run for president, and they decide he is. Obama, where real doubts exist, goes through no hearings. He gets elected. Doubts persist, because they should. Have a nice day.

9. Because she’s a Clinton.

And like her non-inhaling husband who doesn’t know that woman, she’s made of Teflon too and everything just glides right off, no matter how sticky the liquid is.

10. Because I’m wrong, they’ll get her... and the moon is made of cheese.

You’ll just have to wait and see. Then I get to say I told you so. If I don’t end up like Vince Foster. Of course, I have some powerful friends too. And they’re all frickin’ armed. That was the Founders’ plan.

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