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In an age in which we literally have all of world history and information at our fingertips, one is hard-pressed to find the truth.

In almost every corner of our lives, we are sold lies that are presented as truth. Even when the lie can be proven to be such, the liar continues with the official narrative and has no fear of punishment or exposure. One has to do a good deal of legwork to find the truth on virtually every subject, though we are fortunate that websites like this one offer a stark alternative to the lies peddled from the government to sports, culture, and news. The liars are never held accountable, so bigger whoppers are served the next time around.


We all know of the sweetheart deal given to Hunter Biden. The DOJ and IRS would have thrown the book at any mere mortal who did not pay millions in back taxes and/or had brazenly lied on a weapons purchase form. Whistleblowers tell Congress that they tried to get felony charges on the younger Biden twice but were halted in their tracks by the top echelon at Justice. Whoopi Goldberg used the nothing charges to attack Republicans and once again say that the Hunter Biden laptop was all lies. How could she make such a claim? Even The New York Times and Washington Post begrudgingly admitted that the laptop and its sordid contents were real, well after papa Biden was safely ensconced in the White House. How can a TV personality make such a patently false claim? Because she knows that she can get away with it. She knows that by again questioning the laptop story, she is helping Biden to get reelected. The truth is irrelevant; keeping the party—Soviet or Democratic—in power is the job of those outside of official government but joined to it at the hip.

And while we are on the subject of the laptop, what happened to our 51 intelligence hotshots who signed along with Tony Biden’s flat out lie that the laptop contents were “Russian disinformation”? Were any punished? Did any of them lose their cushy jobs as analysts or working for defense contractors? Were those who admitted lying to Congress and were also signatories to the letter meant solely to help Biden in his debate with Trump (and it worked!) ever held accountable for perjuring themselves under oath? Of course not. As for Hillary, who claimed that the 30,000 emails under congressional subpoena that she destroyed dealt with yoga schedules and her mother’s funeral plans, has she ever been held accountable for her lies? If you tried destroying evidence that Congress wanted, you would be making license plates at the nearest penitentiary.


Covid was a salad of lies—masks work, the vaccines prevented illness and passage of virus, schools had to be shut to protect children not at significant risk, businesses had to be closed to stop the spread, etc. Virtually every public health action was wrong, from lockdowns to masks to vaccines. Virtually every public health statement was a half-truth or lie. One may not like Robert Kennedy, Jr. and his politics, but he has the data on his side about the vaccines and their lack of efficacy and not performing as promised. No one was held accountable for the Covid disaster—not those who predicted numbers of dead 10x higher than they really were, nor our health officials who destroyed families, lives, futures, and economies on shoddy evidence that lacked rigorous scientific support. Fauci—the one who funded the incompetent Chinese researchers at Wuhan but claimed the virus came from nature—could confide in a friend that regular masks do not work, but after his initial statements to the same effect, he made an about-face and demanded masking with the same masks that he knew were useless for a virus like the one that blew out of the Wuhan institute. Americans, since Watergate, have not had much trust in politicians or the media, but whatever little bit that may have remained was wiped out with the Covid responses that had no strong basis in science and often did more damage than good. Just this week, an interview between Bobby Kennedy, Jr. and Jordan Peterson was banished from YouTube for expressing incorrect thoughts on the performance of the vaccines. Data and truth may be on Kennedy’s side, but the official narrative is the driver for the Left. So their interview was taken down, even if every word of it is correct and has scientific support.


Sports and movies are no different. Multi-millionaire athletes take a knee for the anthem of a country that has enabled many of them to leave behind poverty and become fabulously wealthy. They pretend to be concerned about those less fortunate but do little to nothing to make the latter’s lives better. Movies are straight out of the Mao indoctrination center, wherein before going in a person knows that the white guy is the bad guy, the woman or minority actor is the hero and that the homosexual or trans character is the best of them all. Non-western cultures that did not invent electricity or modern medicines or air travel or opera are the real deal whereas the US and its friends simply pillaged third-world countries. The great contributions from wealthy countries to poorer ones are ignored and the complex truth of the relationship between colonial powers and the lands they conquered is simply steamrolled into white bad, non-white good.

Ideology can trump truth in the short-run but not forever. The lies, deceptions, misrepresentations—eventually they will collapse under the weight of their own hypocrisy. And the return to truth is already starting. People do not want men competing in women’s sporting events, no matter what they may feel inside. People wonder how Hillary skated and Biden with his documents spread out over several locations is not concerned about an indictment, while they threw the book at Trump. People who took the jab later got Covid, and some found that their immune system has been comprised—a cough that would have gone away in a few days now hangs around for weeks. People are beginning to realize that they have been snowed by the press, politicians, actors, sports stars, and “experts” and they don’t believe a word they say anymore. Tell us how great masks are, and we don’t believe you. Talk about the wonderful vaccines, and we remember getting Covid after three jabs. Tell us how China has good intentions and we see how it is preparing to take on the US. Talk about Hunter Biden being clean, and we see all of the self-dealing and lucrative contracts in exchange for his father tilting US policy to the highest builder. Tell us that humans are making the world heat up, and we’ll go out and buy a bigger SUV.


King David writes in Psalms that G-d is the L-rd of Truth. Truth will conquer the lies sold to us by the self-described “elite.” Their lies have destroyed much of the fabric of this great country, but people are getting sick of the lies that bring crime, educational failure, economic weakness, and military unpreparedness. People want a more successful, more prosperous, and more cohesive country; I hope that they vote their feelings. The US’s future will be bright again and the professional liars will have no further audience to lie to.


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