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Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

The Left does not have the truth on its side, so it hides its falsities under a veneer of science and ersatz objectivity.

The Left — think the Democratic party, the media, Hollywood, universities, athletes, billionaires, etc.— do not generally have truth on their side on virtually any issue of the day. The COVID vaccines did not work as advertised, and there was even a time during the Omicron phase of the pandemic when a majority of the ill were vaccinated. An open border is not a blessing for the U.S., and pictures of illegal aliens sleeping in the El Paso airport is only one piece of evidence of the destructive nature of uncontrolled immigration. Antifa and BLM killed more people and caused far more destruction in 2020 than did the January 6th rioters, but there are more of the latter in jail than the former. So what is the Left to do? They cannot win elections with their base alone. As has been the case for many election cycles; “independents” determine the outcome of elections. Whoever can put forth to them a better argument generally wins, on the assumption that registered voters vote almost perfectly according to their affiliations.


So how does one dress up lies and misrepresentations as truth? Cover them in “science” and supposed objectivity. Dr. Tony Fauci claimed to be the avatar of Science™ and thus anything he said—mostly falsehoods and misdirections—had to be accepted as truth. Put on a mask, though research has shown that masking does not work; Fauci even admitted the same in an email to a colleague — but he would not tell the American public. Get a vaccine shot or else, though the vaccines have shown many side-effects including heart damage to some younger men. Al Gore has behaved similarly: “97% of climate scientists think like I do, therefore I must be right!” Ninety-eight percent were opposed to the theories of Galileo and Copernicus, yet one could have made a lot of money betting on either of those two to be right. The key for the Left is to have some scientific or credentialed body support its positions on transgenderism, COVID, the border, the economy or any other subject. They then scream, “How can you argue with Science? Who are you to question this objective professor or professional body when they obviously know better than you!” I remember an article stating with surprise that 40 percent of scientists believe in G-d. They soothed their worries by noting that a majority of Nobel laureates do not. That someone in a white coat says something to be true does not make it so. The same is unfortunately the case for ChatGPT and its AI siblings.


One of our boys has been using the AI chat for some research. He gave me his iPad and let me do some asking. “Tell me a joke about women.” The AI engine said that it could not do so. So I asked for a joke about men; it immediately served one right up. I asked for a joke about Black men; sorry, can’t do it. White men? “Why did the white men bring a ladder to the bar? They heard that the drinks were ‘on the house’”. So I asked ChatGPT if it was racist; it gave me a long answer on how it could not be racist, that it was programmed to be respectful….so I asked why it could make jokes about White men but not Black; it gave me the same reply. So I asked which group has the highest IQ. I did not ask it to judge or list, just which group has the highest IQ scores. Another long response on how IQ values have no meaning and that science has written them off and they can be used for bigoted reasons. I had heard that AI systems had had left biases built into them, but in just a few minutes I saw it in practice.

We all know where this is going. The AI systems will be programmed by university-trained and brainwashed engineers. They will game the algorithms to their woke and biased ends. But when ChatGPT or the like spits out some answer, the media will cry, “You see! The objective and totally unbiased computer system said that White people are evil and privileged, and that there are 1300 genders! It’s from a computer, it must be true. How dare you question the Truth!”


So please do not believe everything that scientists or computers claim. You may have to do some searching to find the truth. The early expression “garbage in, garbage out” is no less true today than it was when personal computers first came on the scene. Dr. Fauci has a strong interest to obfuscate the origin of the COVID virus because if it is proven beyond a doubt that it came out of the Wuhan Institute and that he partially funded the research behind the making of the Frankenstein virus, he will be condemned to shame for eternity. And the same goes for those who program the baseline AI parameters—they cannot let their inventions stray too far off the accepted views and start giving honest answers that undercut Leftist ideology on subjects such as race, gender, immigration, education, or human behavior.

I remember years ago a researcher predicted that women would run marathons more quickly than men. The professor did not look at absolute record times (which still have about 13 minutes between them) but rather the rate of change of records. Women’s records times have been falling more quickly than men’s; he did not take into account that women have been running marathons at the highest levels for fewer years than men so a greater rate-of-change would not be surprising. Twenty years later, he is still wrong, just as Paul Ehrlich is still wrong about his Malthusian predictions from 50 years ago. As a teacher once said, “figures don’t lie, but liars can figure.”


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