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How Did We Lose the Truth?

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Why did it take two years and Tucker Carlson’s team to provide us with visual evidence of the factual events of January 6th, 2021?

We live in an age of agendas and ideologies. How else to explain the 40,000 hours of video material from inside and around the Capitol that was never shared with the American public and never demanded by the major media companies until Tucker Carlson and his producers provided synopses from the material? Why didn’t the Select Committee of Democrats and token Republicans show us others running before Senator Hawley so that he would not look like some type of coward? Why did President Biden and the media continue to say that Officer Sicknick was murdered when here he was directing traffic in the Capitol after his supposed death? What of the terrorist Shaman being taken around the building by Capitol Police to whom he showed his gratitude in prayer? Why were we sold such a false bill of goods? Obviously to make sure that Donald Trump would never be president again.


When I was in grade school, we had to write papers on things that we had read. It was fairly straightforward. Create a thesis, say that Shakespeare loved monarchy. Find support in his collected works of plays, sonnets and stories. Ignore any statement that would contradict the thesis and then cherry-pick the words of experts on Shakespeare to have a final paper that proves the original thesis. This is the level of behavior we have today from professors, doctors, governmental officials, media types and our “stars” in Hollywood and sports. Except for a very small percentage of the population, there are men and women, boys and girls, XX and XY chromosomes. I recently found a picture of our oldest boy sporting a wig once when he was very young; today, he would be given drugs and encouraged to undergo surgery to make him a girl. The left’s obsessions—transgenderism, global warming, socialist politics, ignoring crime, sidelining Donald Trump and his supporters—have made them sworn enemies of the truth, as a truthful analysis of any of these topics would undermine their fraudulent ideological positions on all of these subjects.

Why is crime rampant in so many Democratically controlled cities? George Soros and his supported DAs do not believe in personal responsibility, punishment fitting the crime or good citizens having the right to a safe environment. No, they believe that criminals are unfortunates and it is society, and primarily White members of it, who are ultimately responsible for the behavior of criminals. Violent criminals receive light sentences or are allowed out with no bail, and lo and behold, a large percentage of them commit violent acts again. Who would have thought? Crime is one of the major reasons that people are fleeing New York and other big cities. Portland just lost its last two Walmart stores. Walmart is not a charity or some governmental organization. It is a public company that works very hard to make money. Having so much stolen so often cannot be tolerated unless Walmart wants to go out of business. My wife and I were in a Marshalls store last week in Las Vegas when the cashier told us that she just saw a fellow go out of the store with a big bag of name-brand clothes that she would estimate at $1,000 in value. How many such events can that branch absorb before they go out of business as well?


If people are worried about Russian thermonuclear weapons spilling over from the conflict in Ukraine, the more probable risk to the future of the United States is the end of the rules that have allowed civilized society to flourish for hundreds of years. When I saw the empty streets in Jerusalem during the Covid lockdowns here in Israel, I realized how fragile our way of life is. The streets were similarly empty during the worst periods of the Intifada. So the cafes and restaurants and night life that we take for granted rest on certain rules that are under threat when a large part of the population lives by ideologies and agendas in conflict with truth. How long will there be women’s sports in the US if more and more guys decide that they are women and actively compete in every form of sport? How long will cities continue to function when criminals, instead of being locked up, are let free to push people onto subway tracks or carjack or kill? A functioning society is based on certain assumptions that are based on centuries of tradition, the rule of law, and oftentimes religion. There are people in Europe who cannot afford electricity because of the green fantasies of European politicians. Inexpensive and readily available coal—still being used in pragmatic countries like India and China—is replaced with expensive and unreliable wind power. Data that suggest the world is not warming up so much or that any warming will have trivial effects are ignored or airbrushed away. We see the lies of the Covid health officials as they worked furiously to deflect interest in the Wuhan Institute of Virology that the NIH funded. Nobody is interested in the truth but only in pushing a self-serving agenda, whatever the price. If BLM burns down Minneapolis, that’s OK with Democrats, the media, and the self-appointed elite. When Trump supporters enter the Capitol building—and some did damage for which they should be held responsible—it is Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and the Civil War all wrapped into one.


Think about a young man who has cancer. He absolutely refuses to accept the diagnosis. He is young, he exercises and eats right—there is no way he can have cancer. So he ignores it. His ignoring it will not make it go away. And the cancer will only grow and speed up the poor fellow’s death. Ignoring reality, creating alternative realities, and pushing ideologies that are not based on facts can only bring future destruction. Think about it. The members of Congress on the January 6th committee assumed that no one would ever see the raw video now coming out, or by the time they would see it, its impact would be meaningless. They were wrong, and Tucker Carlson has exposed them as modern Goebbels, whose dictum was that if a lie is told often enough, people will accept it as truth. Those promoting sex changes in children do not care about the psychological and physical damage that will be with these kids for the rest of their lives. Instead of accepting that some girls are tomboys and that some boys may be more effeminate than macho, they immediately go for the puberty blockers and surgery. How long will New York survive as more of its wealthiest residents leave the city for Florida? Ignoring reality has consequences and any ideology that ignores truth will ultimately collapse and lead to destruction.

The US has two potential futures. One is based on reality and truth. Boys are boys, girls are girls, criminals should be locked up, fossil fuels present no serious danger and lead to great prosperity, and that yes, the virus did come out of the Chinese institute. The alternative, as pushed by those on the Left, having no basis in reality, will only lead to social erosion, personal damage, and a more fractured society. The Left hates America and does not want to improve it, only destroy it. To say that the next election will be the most important in American history is an understatement.


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