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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

"When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” -Maya Angelou

I know this will give some people a migraine, but I’m getting more confident by the day that President Trump is going to win the election. Months of rioting in America’s cities, celebrated by Democrat leaders, has shown our country who Democrats really are. Politics is their religion, political grandstanding is their sacrament, and power is the golden calf they worship. A justice appointed by a Democrat president (and nine more justices that might materialize if the Democrats win both chambers of the Congress and act on their promise to “pack the Supreme Court”) is a dire threat to the lives of the unborn.


As you read this, there is no doubt that your social media feeds are full of people expressing the entire range of emotions about the fact that President Trump has announced his candidate to fill the seat on the Supreme Court vacated by Ruth Bader Ginsburg upon her passing. I’m happily adding my voice to the chorus, because I want to make it very clear that all right thinking individuals who cherish the U.S. Constitution and, more importantly, value life, should wholeheartedly support Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

We could talk about the preponderance of times the party controlling both the presidency and the Senate has appointed a replacement justice during an election year (that’s both parties, by the way). However, based on precedent and constitutional law, that point is not even worth discussing, unless you’re a liberal Democrat who wants to moan and tear your clothes at what you tearfully describe as an injustice. The fact of the matter is, this conversation comes down to a simple concept described with one word: power. [Don’t even get me started on the supposed “pro-woman” party that is attacking a successful working mother.]

The Supreme Court is one of just three major elements of our nation's tripartite system of governance, meaning it does carry significant power. In the past, I’ve done my share of railing against judges legislating from the bench, because the Supreme Court wields significant power, literally over life and death. However, leaving a seat unfilled because the opposition party is in full-on scold mode would be a dereliction of duty by President Trump and the U.S. Senate. Foregoing the appointment and confirmation to placate the left would only encourage them to continue their campaign against the established laws of our nation and the lives of the unborn across the country.


I honestly do not think that the Supreme Court will ever overturn Roe v. Wade; having been through multiple legislative fights over pro-life issues and efforts to improve protections for expecting mothers and the children in their wombs, I know that liberals will stop at nothing to make abortion legal up to and even after the moment of birth. But we owe it to ourselves to ensure that we do not give an inch of ground to a party or its adherents who are so obsessed with making that barbarism the law of the land. 

Americans elected President Trump to represent their values and interests and appointing another principled, pro-life constitutionalist to the Supreme Court is an outgrowth of that mandate bestowed by the 2016 election. Anyone who says otherwise is merely blowing smoke. 

So, in the days to come, we will sadly have the displeasure of watching an upstanding woman of faith, integrity, and professional accomplishment being dragged across fields of broken glass by people who brazenly esteem their political power over the lives of human babies. If we do not support this appointment all the way to confirmation, we are not only surrendering the moral high ground, but are joining them in the mud and mire. I hope that you will join me in the coming days in praying for President Trump, the U.S. Senate, the sitting Supreme Court Justices, and Judge Barrett that they will persevere to full confirmation.

I was once told to never take criticism from someone you would not approach for advice. By the same token, pro-life individuals should not accept taunts of shame from people who have no shame when it comes for their desire to undermine the Constitution and terminate pregnancies regardless of circumstance or viability of the fetus. These are tough times, but our resolve must be tougher so that justice may be done.


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