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Capitol Voices

Biden is Deliberately Sinking America Because He Has Nothing to Lose

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Is Joe Biden writing off the midterm elections? He has recently.  embarrassed himself and the nation before the world, seen his approval ratings tankas his inflation rates soar, and Americans are waking up to the disaster he has created on our southern border.


It is not an implausible thought that Biden and the Democrat leadership see their ship hitting the iceberg and sinking. There seems to be less deflection from the policies that have received such disapprobation from the American people than a go-for-broke attitude.

The Left is frantically trying to move a culturally destructive agenda forward. When asked about high gas prices the Bidenistas tell Americans to buy electric vehicles. Biden’s entourage believe that high gas prices will speed up a transition to the economically and practically unworkable alternative energy sources like wind and solar.

Releasing a few million barrels from the strategic petroleum supply is a token gesture without meaning because we consume nearly 20 million barrels a day.

If Biden wanted to alleviate America’s energy woes, he would get our peerless energy sector back to work. For a longer-term solution, he should speed up approval of nuclear energy plant applications.

Evidence that Biden might be cashing it in on the midterm elections comes in the form of his move to crazy Leftist ideas like supporting transgender programs for even the youngest of children. This is grossly unpopular with parents and the vast majority of Americans. 

The point is that Biden and the Democrats in Congress are about to go over the cliff so they are going to take as much of the country with them as possible.


Biden nominated the most radically anti-Constitution nominee in history for the U.S. Supreme Court. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was confounded by Senator Marsha Blackburn’s request that Jackson define a woman.

Jackson also appeared dyspeptic when her record of protecting pedophiles and purveyors of child porn was revealed. 

If not expecting an electoral defeat in November, why else would Biden engage in political self-immolation?

If the Democrats believed that they had a chance at victory in November they would be touting their accomplishments, but they don’t have any. Because they have almost wrecked the country with their policies they are left chasing after their Leftist dreams and finding points of deflection.

So Democrats pursue the woke social agenda that so many are rebelling against. They continue attacking all Trump supporters through their illegitimate January 6 Committee.

They hope Americans will forget about Biden while standing at the gas pump filling their car at almost$5 a gallon. Perhaps, they think, Americans are unaware that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens come across our border each month.

Maybe Americans weren’t paying attention to Biden when he executed flawlessly gaffe after gaffe, after gaffe on the international stage. And then had to walk back…the walk back.


The soaring crime rates might be ignored by Americans in Democrat-run cities. It is possible, but not likely, that Americans will actually believe Democrats who say they never advocated for defunding the police, when Democrats…actually…advocated…to…defund the police.

No. Americans are too smart. They understand that Biden and his policies have hollowed out America. 

And, Democrats, knowing they will likely lose power in Congress and in many states this November, realize they won’t be able to turn the ship of state around swiftly enough to salvage the election. That’s why they are willing to continue on a path that implements their destructive Leftist policies.

For those who love this country, November can’t come fast enough.

U.S. Representative Andy Biggs represents Arizona’s fifth congressional district.

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