First, President Obama blames George W. Bush for Dems' loss in Massachusetts, telling ABC's George Stephanopoulos that voters' anger about the "last eight years" swept Senator-elect Scott Brown into office Tuesday. 

Now, Obama's political arm, Organizing for America, is telling the president's supporters that Massachusetts voters elected Brown because the pace of progressives' radical "change" is moving too slowly.  In a message to Obama supporters, OFA director Mitch Stewart says,
[Massachusetts'] disappointing election results show deep discontent with the pace of change. I know the OFA community and the President share that frustration.

We also saw what we knew to be true all along: Any change worth making is hard and will be fought at every turn. While it doesn't take away the sting of this loss, there is no road to real change without setbacks along the way.

We could have simply sought to do things that were easy, that wouldn't stir up controversy. But changes that aren't controversial rarely solve the problem.
I love how they tell supporters that if people aren't fighting against you tooth-and-nail, you're not doing it right...

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