Matt Lewis

I've got a column up titled, "NY-23: How Sarah Palin Stands to Win (and Charlie Crist Stands to Lose)."

There were a few lines which I thought would be important to share here.  The first is this:
In reality, this race is about much more than one House seat.  It is a proxy battle in the long-running war between establishment Republicans and grassroots conservatives.

... And then this,

If conservatives have their way, Dede Scozzafava is merely the first casualty of this war.

Finally, I conclude with looking to future races where conservatives may seek to replicate the NY-23 game plan,

As RedState's Erickson told me, "The establishment has now learned it can be beaten from within its own base . . . If the GOP wants to fight the base in California and Florida, game on."

Read the whole thing.

Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis is conservative writer and blogger based in Alexandria, VA.

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