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During an appearance on ABC's This Week Sunday, New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand admitted in passing that it was known President Obama was lying as he repeatedly stated people could keep health insurance plans they liked under Obamacare.

"He should’ve just been specific. No we all knew," GIllinbrand said. "The whole point of the plan is to cover things people need, like preventive care, birth control, pregnancy. How many women, the minute they get pregnant, might risk their coverage. How many women paid more because of their gender, because they might get pregnant. Those are the reforms."

Although President Obama has offered an non-apology apology for what he describes as "reassurances" people could keep their plans when they can't, there's a whole slew of Democrats in the Senate and the House who parroted the line, "If you like your health plan, you can keep it." I discussed this yesterday on Fox and Friends.

Breitbart.com has the full list of Senators who owe Americans an apology. And just in case you missed Nancy Pelosi's trainwreck of an interview yesterday with NBC's David Gregory, here it is:

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