Katie Pavlich

Republican Senator Ted Cruz has finished his 21-hour long stand against Obamacare. Here are some quotes from Cruz and his friends in the Senate who helped him out.

1. I will speak until I am no longer able to stand." -Cruz

2. "If you don't have the freedom to seek out God, then every freedom is stripped away." - Cruz

3. "The sons and daughters of America have freedom as their birthright." -Senator Mike Lee

4. "All it takes for us to do the right thing is for us to listen to the American people." -Cruz

5. "I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep." -Lee

6. "The people who gave you Obamacare have big hearts I think, but sometimes they don't have very big brains." -Senator Rand Paul

7. "I am doing fabulous." -Cruz at hour 18

8. "The quickest way to decline is to undermine the American Dream....Obamacare is a direct threat to the American dream." -Senator Marco Rubio

9. "I believe that if Obamacare doesn't apply to everyone, then it shouldn't apply to anyone." -Cruz

10. Lee: Can the Senator say where Chinese gooseberries first grew? Cruz: That is easy, New Zealand. Lee: I thank the Senator.

11. "Most U.S. senators are home in bed asleep, while America lives the Obamacare nightmare." -Cruz

12. "Pick a side. Stand by your beliefs." -Cruz

13. "You take the votes of people who's premiums have gone down, I'll take the others." -Cruz to Democratic Senator Dick Durbin

14. "There is no courage in Washington like that of the anonymous Congressional staffer." -Cruz

15. "The system is designed to hide what we're doing." -Cruz

16. "We would not be in this mess if not for the failure of the United States Senate." -Cruz

17. "Small businesses are crying out that Obamacare is killing them." -Cruz

18. "DC depends on Americans not paying attention." -Cruz

19. "Do you like green eggs and ham? I do not like them Sam I am, I do not like green eggs and ham." -Cruz reading Dr. Seuss to his daughters watching from home before bed.

20. "The momentum has been consistently for defunding ObamaCare." -Cruz

21. "Mike Lee, I am your father." -Cruz quoting Star Wars.

Big thanks to everyone on Twitter for keeping track of Cruz's entire remarks throughout the day and night.

Katie Pavlich

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