Katie Pavlich

Yes. Joe Biden is reportedly planning a trip to the RNC, prompting the National Hurricane Center to change the name of Hurricane Isaac to Hurricane Joe (just kidding).

Biden will be in Florida  Monday and Tuesday, including a visit to the Tampa area, site of the 2012 Republican National Convention, the Obama campaign said today.

“Any of you going to be in Florida?” Biden joked to reporters today on a campaign stop in Minneapolis.  “Well, I’m the speaker at the convention.  I’m gonna be down there.”

Democrats are planning a “counter convention” in downtown Tampa to be orchestrated out of a “rapid response war room” steps from where Republicans are huddled, the Democratic National Committee announced.

Sorry Joe, Republicans will have people in chains during the RNC and therefore, they won't be able to come see you.....

Democrats aren't the only ones planning a "counter" convention. Conservatives are doing the same thing at the DNC with an event called "Rock the Red," which will be hosted by country artists Charlie Daniels, Lee Brice, Travis Tritt, a variety of other musical talents and a number of conserative speakers.

Katie Pavlich

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