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Happy Saturday Townhall readers! I'm in Houston, Texas today for the Second Annual True the Vote National Summit. I'll be posting throughout the day about the content of the sessions and speeches on the issue of voter fraud. To start things off, here is a list of easy things people can do to not only prevent voter fraud.


-Get involved with True the Vote and your local voter intergrity groups

-Get trained as a poll watcher

-Help train new poll watchers

-Go through voter registration data rolls, matching obituaries to voter rolls “No representation without respiration”

-Verify registrants

-Consistently research the voter registration database. Database research is an ongoing, never ending process so approach it like a marathon, not a sprint

-Submit duplicate names, false names and the names of dead people to the state attorney general and also explain those findings to the media

-Use new media to get ahead of the narrative on voter fraud

-Work with your legislators to get same day voter registration laws changed

-Take a neighborhood watch approach to protecting elections

-Set up booths at gun shows, county fairs, local fairs, etc. to take advantage of all opportunities to market the cause and recruit volunteers

-Write a legislative wish list of voting reform and give it to your state legislator, advocate for the items on the list

-Don’t trust or assume the Board of Elections in your state is doing the right thing

-Know your state election code and understand it before trying to change it for the better

-If your friends aren't convinced voter fraud exists, show them this video:


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Katie Pavlich

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