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Gas prices have officially doubled under the Obama Administration and unemployed Americans are feeling even more stressed with no end in site for high energy costs. Friday, Sarah Palin will host a special with Fox News anchor Eric Bolling about gas prices.



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Palin should have some interesting insight on this topic considering her extensive experience with issue of energy. The special will air just days after a new Washington Post poll shows Americans heavily disapprove of President Obama's handling of rising prices and are suffering major economic consequences as a result.

A third of all Americans say surging gasoline prices have caused serious financial hardship in their households, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, with more than six in 10 reporting some pinch.

President Obama continues to be harshly reviewed for his handling of the situation, even as he eludes some of the direct blame.

Feelings of hardship and public judgment on the president are little changed over the past month, despite continually rising prices, suggesting some may be accommodating themselves to higher pump prices. The Department of Energy reports that over the past four weeks, the average price of a gallon has risen 11 cents to $3.94 across the country.

A year ago, the last time gas prices flirted with the $4-a-gallon-mark, more than four in 10 reported serious financial hardship as a result. And when gas did hit a record high of $4.01 in June 2008, more than half — 51 percent — reported a severe pinch.

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