Katie Pavlich
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Welcome to the left's version of the "War on Terror" According to the Daily Kos, the conservative movement poses a greater threat to the future of America than Al Qaeda, the same group that proudly claimed the 9/11 attacks and the same group Osama bin Laden was in charge of.

Movement Conservatism will kill more innocent Americans than Al-Qaida ever will. That is the greatest argument in favor of a more partisan and confrontational Democratic Party. It's a matter of life and death to a lot of innocent people that somebody stop the Right's madness and roll it back.

Does that shock you? It shouldn't. It's the truth. It's just that we live in a time where it is a bigger outrage to call a bold-faed liar a bold-faced liar than to actually be one.

That's how serious the threat we face from the Right is. They are a national security threat. No other force on Earth can cause America to collapse into chaos more successfully over time.

Nevermind the $16 trillion in debt, increased by $7 trillion in just three years under President Obama, being the ultimate cause of American collapse. Or possibly out of control entitlement programs like Medicaid, which will bankrupt itself in just a few short years, being the problem, no no, it's the conservative movement. The same movement being led on the budget side by Rep. Paul Ryan with a plan addressing debt while reforming entitlements, that will cause the great American collapse, of course.

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Katie Pavlich

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