Katie Pavlich

Still need a last minute Christmas gift for someone you love? How about for yourself? Firearms are flying off the shelves this season and have become the gift of choice. It doesn't get much better than celebrating Christmas and the Second Amendment at the same timne.

The FBI reports that background checks to buy guns are up more than 30-percent, with a lot of people giving their loves ones the gift of heat.

According to some reports, holiday gun sales are setting records this year.

Firearms sales are always brisk this time of year at Gunsmoke Gun & Pawn.

"A lot of guys are buying themselves guns for Christmas," says manager Brandon Reynolds. "It's Christmas bonus season and people have a little extra disposable cash."

And giving firearms as gifts is becoming as popular as any flat screen TV or bicycle. 

"We sell a lot of concealed carry weapons," adds Reynolds. "We do the classes here and they're full just about every Saturday."

Sales for concealed carry weapons -- or CCWs -- are on the rise, especially since August when the minimum age for a permit dropped from 23 to 21.

Merry Christmas, happy shooting.

Katie Pavlich

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