Katie Pavlich

Greenpeace Ken is bitter. He's dumping Barbie over her pink non-ecofriendly packaging.

Eight Greenpeace activists, some of whom helped put up a giant banner on Mattel Inc. headquarters in El Segundo to protest the destruction of rainforests for the sake of packaging, were arrested today. "Barbie, it's over," read the pink-and-blue banner bearing the likeness of a frowning Ken doll. "I don't date girls that are into deforestation."

Greenpeace claims the toy giant's packaging contributes to the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia.

"Unwrap the glossy pink box and you'll find Barbie's dirty secret," said a statement issued by the group best known for defending whales. "Her packaging is made from the rainforests of Indonesia, which are being ripped down for quick profits."

Another banner was suspended from the parking garage.Starting about 9 a.m., activists dressed as Ken rappelled down the side of the main building to unveil the "Barbie, it's over" banner, and among those arrested was a woman dressed as Barbie.


It's come to this.

Katie Pavlich

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