Katie Pavlich
It is a sad day in American history when people in France of all places, have more courage to deal with their illegal immigration issues in a realistic manner than officials serving in the United States government. Although the geography of the U.S. -Mexico border is more vast than the border with Italy and France, the concept of border security is the same.

Over the weekend, the border of south east France and north western Italy was closed off to trains in order to prevent people from entering France illegally.

From the Telegraph:

Border guards including riot police halted hundreds of mainly North African men who have crossed from Libya and Tunisia.

The trains, on which they traveled and which also contained political activists calling for better rights for immigrants, were attempting to cross from the nearby Italian border station of Ventimiglia.

Italy infuriated the French last week by giving out temporary residence visas, allowing the immigrants to travel in the European Union.

Many want to go to France because they speak French, and because they believe that President Nicolas Sarkozy's approach to the war in Libya means he will be sympathetic to them.

But the French government insists it will only allow in those with the financial resources to live in France independently.

Katie Pavlich

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